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Music Teacher Classroom Posters

Music Teacher Classroom Posters

It's important to decorate classrooms of all kinds to inspire, motivate and help students stay on track and learn, but sometimes the school music room gets forgotten about.  Not anymore!  We've got some really awesome music classroom decor ideas for music teachers to decorate with here!

1. Welcome To the Music Room Door Sign

Welcome students to music class with this Personalized Music Teacher Door Sign.  This template is fully editable so you can change to reflect the teacher's name as well as the name of the subject/class the students are walking into!  Make great decor for any school music room!

 Teach Band Class or focus more on instruments?  We have an editable template band door sign too!

2.  Music Rules Teacher Classroom Poster

Help students remember the rules of the music room with this bright, eye-catching music acronym poster. Awesome decor for any music teacher or school music room!  

3. When You Enter This Music Classroom Poster

Give students the confidence and inspiration to know their potential when they walk into your music classroom with this inspiring music teacher poster.  Let them know that the real reason you are there teaching them, is because of them.  A wonderful wall decoration to display how much your students mean to you and to help them realize their full creative potential!  There is both a 'we' and 'I' version included with purchase! 

music classroom poster

4. Sorry About The Noise But We Are Learning Here Music Teacher Poster

A funny and creative, this music classroom poster decor "apologizes" for being loud and messy experience of learning music.  But that's ok and to be expected! A great way to decorate your music classroom walls!

music teacher classroom poster

5. Music Classroom Practice Posters

Encourage students to practice their musical skills with these bright and eye catching music teacher posters.  Use a growth mindset approach and provide inspiring encouragement while students are learning!

music classroom postermusic classroom poster

6. No Food or Drinks Allowed Music Classroom Poster

It's almost impossible to sing or play an instrument properly while eating or drinking! Make sure your students know the hard and fast important rule of no drinks and food allowed in your music classroom with this poster.  Easy and quick way for music teachers to decorate a blank wall and also share your classroom rules with students.

music classroom poster

7. Music Tempos and Music Dynamics Posters

A great set of music theory posters for music classrooms!  A colorful and creative teaching tool to explain the different musical tempos and dynamics.

music teacher posters

8. Music Terms Music Theory Classroom Poster

A very bright, eye-catching and functional addition to any music classroom!  Use this music terms music theory visual poster as a great resource to teach important notes, rests and music terminology.


9. What to Listen For in Music Poster

Teaching kids the importance of being a 

music classroom poster

10. Great Music Great Kids Classroom Poster

A fun, bright, cheerful and wonderful poster for any music classroom.  Makes a great music teacher gift too!  There is both a "we" and "I" version included with purchase!


We hope that all of these music posters inspire you to decorate your music classroom in a fun, bright and inspiring way.  Happy Teaching!


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