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25 School Nurse Office Poster Ideas for Your School Health Clinic

25 School Nurse Office Poster Ideas for Your School Health Clinic

During the school year it's important to decorate not only classrooms to inspire, motivate and help students, but also other important areas of the school such as school nurse offices and health clinics.  Don't leave the walls empty in school health room settings when there is so much opportunity to educate students on ways to be healthy and happy students!  We've got some really awesome school nurse office and school health clinic poster decor ideas for you here!

1. Welcome To the Health Room Door Signs
Welcome students in your school office or health clinic with this bright and fun personalized nurse door sign poster.  Edit with your own name and change to office or clinic since it's an editable template!


school nurse office sign


This Where is the Nurse Sign is another great option to hang on your door to let others know where you are if you need to step out of the office or clinic for a moment.  

where is the nursewhere is the school nurse


There is also a fully editable version here so you can change all text to reflect exactly what you need it to read.  Makes great decor for any school nurse office or school health clinic.


where is the nurse template


2.  In This Clinic You Are... School Nurse Poster

Help students remember how amazing, brave and special they are.  It's often scary to find yourself in the school nurse office whether from a physical, mental or emotional injury or situation.  Remind students how safe, important, strong and valued they are when in this space.

 school nurse poster

We Also have this poster in Spanish too!

Another variation of the "in this office" school nurse health room posters can be found here.  Again we have both English and Spanish versions available!

health office poster

3. I Am Your School Nurse Poster

Let your students and little patients know how much you are there for them and that you will do everything in your power on there behalf, but also tell them that however much you wish you were, you are not a magician.  Makes fabulous poster art for your school health room or health clinic.

school nurse poster

We also have this school nurse poster in a plural version too if you have multiple school nurses working in one health clinic.

 school nurse poster


4. Kids Healthy Habits School Nurse Poster Set

An awesome set of 4 healthy habits posters great for decorating a bulletin board or big empty wall in a school nurse office or health clinic!  Clever and creative this set uses rhyming and bright graphics and typography as a memorable way to educate and remind students of important ways to stay healthy.

school nurse posters

5. Set of 2 Healthy Habits Posters

This set of 2 school nurse health clinic posters works well in addition to the set of 4 healthy habits posters above!  


school nurse posters


6. Students Must Be Healthy To Be Educated and Educated to Be Healthy Poster

A great sentiment for faculty, students and school nurses to read and remember.  It isn't possible to learn at fully capacity if you aren't healthy and part of being a whole healthy person is to be educated. A quick poster to decorate a blank wall and also share this important reminder with anyone who walks in your school nurse office or health clinic.  We offer this design with both a faux chalkboard or white background.


school nurse poster


7. Hand Washing School Nurse or Health Clinic Hygiene Posters

As we all know washing your hands is a crucial way to stop germs and disease from spreading and an important way to keep yourself and others from getting sick.  Remind students with these great hand washing posters for your school nurse office or health clinic or even classroom if there is a small sink in the room! We offer two different set variations below.



And remember... washing your hands can be fun!!  Remind kids to wash their hands with soap, water and a smile and that they want to spread all the kindness but none of the germs around :)

wash your hands poster

Go beyond the message of hand washing into other basic components of hygiene such as covering your nose and mouth when you cough and keeping a germ-free zone with this very popular school nurse health clinic poster set!

school nurse posters

This set is also offered in Spanish!

spanish health posters

8. Confidentiality School Health Room Posters

Remind students that what you say in here, stays in here with these confidentiality posters.  Students many times are afraid to visit the school nurse or health room for various reasons and this is just another great tool to help them understand that they are safe and that their issues, secrets and/or fears will not shared unless it is in their best interest for safety.   We offer many designs with both white and faux chalkboard backgrounds as well as in Spanish and English.

confidentiality posterspanish confidentiality posterconfidentiality posterspanish confidentiality poster

9. Sometimes it is Okay to Not Be Okay Poster

Remind Students and patients that when they are in your school nurse office or health clinic that it is okay to not always be ok.  Feeling sick is hard and so is getting hurt and can cause both physical and emotional upset.  Remind kids that this is normal and their feelings are normal, accepted and understood with this school health room poster.

school health poster


Decorating your School Nurse Office or School Health Clinic will be a breeze with any combination of the above printables.  Make your Health Room cheerful, bright and inspiring with TidyLady Printables school nurse posters!

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