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Sale! 15% off $25 TLPDEAL15 | 20% off $75 TLPDEAL20 | 25% Off $125 TLPDEAL25

Accessing your file

Within 5-20 minutes (sometimes just a bit longer during peak business times) after placing an order, you'll be sent an email from with an access link to the template. This email is sent to the email address associated with the order.  If you do not receive the link please be sure to check your spam or junk folders - you can also search for “”.


Clicking the access link will take you to a page where you will need to confirm your account details and set a password for your account. 

1. Once in, go to templates at the top left and click on it. 
2. A small thumbnail of your template(s) will appear. 
3. Click on that thumbnail and your file will appear in the editing area. 
4. Detailed editing instructions & FAQ can be found by clicking ‘help’ in the upper right corner, then click ‘seller instructions’.

You are not able to edit this file on an iPad, iPhone, or any other handheld device. This is noted in the items listing description prior to purchase.
Don't have access to your email? Log in with your email address & Etsy order number quickly and easily!  Follow these steps:
Already a Templett user? Since you already have an account, anytime you purchase any Templett product from any seller you won't get an email anymore.  Simply go to a few minutes after placing your order.
Why do you need an account with Templett? An account is needed so you can save your work and come back to your templates later. A customer account is only created when an order is created. Please do not try to create an account by signing up as a seller. This will not get you a customer account and you will not be able to access your templates this way. recommends using Google Chrome for best results while editing. Safari, Microsoft Edge, & Firefox are not recommended. 
Need to Make Additional Edit or Re-Download a Template? Log back into your account anytime using your email and password. There is a password reset option if needed.