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Sale! 15% off $25 TLPDEAL15 | 20% off $75 TLPDEAL20 | 25% Off $125 TLPDEAL25

Templett Editing Help

~Google Chrome is the recommended web browser that works best with Templett~ 

 Printing Multiple Tags Per Sheet

Click ‘download’ - ‘pdf’ - ‘save paper’ 

Uploading Images/Photos To Your Template 

1. Click the Elements pane on the left side of the design area.
2. In the Elements pane, either drag and drop an image file into the upload area (cloud with up arrow) or click the upload area to select the image files from your computer.
3. Once the file has been uploaded, click the image to add it to your template. It will be added to the current selected page (if the template contains multiple pages).
If the image appears large, click on the center of it and holding the cursor down drag to one corner of the template until you see one of the corner boxes. Drag the corner box until the image is smaller, from there move it around to where you want it to be located. 
** You may need to log out & then back in if your image is not showing in the elements area. **

Resizing a Template

The formatted size of the templates cannot be changed. The thumbnail image of the template will show its formatted size.

Save Additional Templates

The Templett program is setup to make your edits and then download them to your computer as needed. There is no option to duplicate and save additional templates within the Templett program.

Moving Text & Images

Click once on the text or image you want to move and you will see a box come up around it. You can click in the center to drag it to a different area of the template or click on one of the boxes in the corners to drag and expand in that direction.

There are some borders, backgrounds and other images that cannot be edited and are part of the design. If you are clicking on an item and the box to move is not appearing this would indicate an item that cannot be removed or altered from the template. The item's listing description does state what can and cannot be edited prior to purchase.

Revert The Template To Original 

1.Click the down arrow next to save

2.Click Revert

Adding A Text Box 

1.On the left, click the text icon

2. Click add heading, the text box will appear in the center of the template

3. Click the newly added text box and move/resize as needed

Change the Font, Color, Size Etc. of Text

Click once on the text you'd like to alter and you will see a toolbox appear at the top with your options. Highlight the text you want to change, and use the tool bar to adjust as needed. To learn the tool functions, hover over the tool icons for a moment and it will display what the tool is. You will also see boxes to change font to Bold, Italics or Underlined if desired. 

Change Background Colors

Depending on the template purchased you may be able to change the background color. To do this click layers (upper right stack of papers icon), then scroll all the way down and click "background color." Select the color box just to the left of the trash can icon, and select the desired color.

Change Individual Font Colors

Double click the text box and highlight the individual letter one at a time. From the toolbar at the top, click the color icon, then select the desired color. 

Editing Text

Double click the text you'd like to change and highlight the existing text and hit delete on your keyboard. From there type in the new text you'd like it to be replaced with. To start a new line within a text box hit return on your keyboard.

Deleting Items 

Click on the image (not all images can be deleted or altered as stated above) or text you’d like to delete, then click the red garbage can in the upper tool bar. You can also delete text boxes by hitting the delete key on your keyboard when they are selected.

Undo / Redo 

On the top toolbar click the left arrow to undo, and the right to redo

Download & Printing Options 

You can download your template file several ways depending on how you intend to print your template.

Print at home or use as a digital invite: Click download, choose your file type, click download again. The file will be downloaded to your computer. If you would like to print 2 per page select 'save paper.' Make sure 'trim settings' are turned off. Invites all come with a background for printing double-sided if desired.

Print Button - Prints of Love offers fast, high quality, affordable and eco-friendly printing. They also offer free 2-3 day U.S. shipping and free envelopes! For every order you place, Prints of Love plants a tree in your name. It is their way of creating a net positive environmental impact with each order! They are proud to be an official Reforestation Partner with their friends at One Tree Planted.  You are not required to use this service.

Send to a Photo Lab: (Such as Walgreens, Costco, Etc.)

Go to Download in the upper right corner and select either "JPG or PDF for Print" and have the bleed turned off. Select download and your template will be downloaded to your computer as a jpeg file. Simply upload this file to the website you want to print from or send this file to the photo lab of your choice by uploading to a thumb-drive and physically taking it there or emailing them the file.  As a rule of thumb office supply stores typically accept pdf files and photo labs usually accept jpeg files.  However please reach out to the printer of your choice to see what they would prefer.