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Nurse Appreciation Week Gift Tag Ideas

Nurse Appreciation Week Gift Tag Ideas

15 Nurse Appreciation Gift Tags They're Sure to Love!

Gift your Nurses and staff with themed goodies during Nurse appreciation week or any day of the week to show how much you care. Every day is the perfect day to thank Nurses for the hard work they put into their jobs. Use favor tags to attach to a gift, gift bag, or even some delicious bites to celebrate Nurse appreciation week. 


These simple and delicious ideas are sure to keep your Nurses' bellies happy! Sweet treats are a huge hit. Store bought or homemade desserts can be packaged individually for a Nurse appreciation day. Put them out in a common area for Nurse's and medical staff to take with them on the go. Cookies, chocolates, donuts, and cupcakes always go over well.

Who doesn't love donuts? Purchase a box of donuts at the grocery store or pick them up from Krispy Kreme, Dunkin' Donuts, or your favorite local donut shop. Wrap individual donuts in these baggies to give to your staff on Nurse appreciation day. 
This 'You Deserve All the Hugs & Kisses' thank you gift tag can be attached to a bag of Hershey kisses for a Nurse appreciation week treat. Give your medical staff a bag full of Hershey kisses or opt to put them in a cute container such as a mason jar.  You can find baggies at some craft stores, online, or at the grocery store (sandwich bags). Tie the Nurse appreciation gift tags to the bag with yarn, ribbon, or string for a nice touch! 

This 'RX: Stress-Relieving Chocolate' thank you gift tag can be used with Hershey Kisses too! It can also be used for dark chocolate candy bars, peanut butter cups, cake-pops, truffles, and more. This works well attached to a small bottle or jar of chocolate to really give the RX feel. Deliver this stress-relieving chocolate to your medical staff during Nurse appreciation week or anytime to show them how much you appreciate them.

Similarly to the donuts, you can wrap up a handful of cookies to give out as a sweet treat during Nurse appreciation week. The text is also editable so you can give it to any member of your staff by changing the word 'Nurse.' Customize it to what you need so you can show appreciation for your medical assistants, CNAs, or Doctors too! 

S'mores are a fun and unique treat to give to your staff during Nurse appreciation week. Wrap up two graham crackers, two squares of chocolate, and two marshmallows in a bag and tie it together with a string and this gift tag. S'mores have also become a popular flavor for things - candy bars, popcorn, poptarts, granola bars, and more. You can tie in the them of S'mores with any item that has a S'mores flavor for this Nurse appreciation week gift tag. 
Not interested in sweets? You can always go the salty route with some popcorn or chips. We have Nurse appreciation gift tags in a variety of designs that are all editable to fit your needs. 

Get some store bought small popcorn bags or pop your own and place in bags from the dollar store to enhance the theme as seen above. Then tape on these 'I'm just poppin by to say thank you for being a great nurse' gift tags. All of these tags are editable so you can go in and personalize the thank you. Whether it's from a family, friend, co-worker, or boss, Nurses will feel special receiving these during Nurse appreciation week. 


These simple tags can be given to all of the staff in a hospital, clinic, or office during their respective appreciation weeks. Keep in mind, it doesn't have to be Nurse appreciation week for you to say thank you. This tag is great to attach to an individual sized chip bags to distribute to your staff. These can be the perfect snack to go along with someone's lunch (or dinner depending on their shift).


Gifts don't have to be big to make someone smile. You can show how much you appreciate your staff during Nurse appreciation week by attaching one of these medical themed gift tags. The themes can take a simple gift up a notch. 



With all of our gift tags being editable, you can personalize the message at the bottom. Use your own words to show Nurses or any medical staff how much you appreciate them. 

Customize these gift tags to read Nurse, Doctor, Medical Assistant, or CNA. Thank your medical staff during appreciation day or week by giving them a really nice pen or set of pens. 


This "You're the Bomb" gift tag can be used for numerous kinds of gifts. Attach this to a bath bomb for Nurses or staff to use for relaxation. You could also attach it to a hot cocoa bomb for cozying up with in the winter. This is your chance to be creative with it!



You don't always need a theme to say thanks. These general thank you messages can be used at any time and to attach to any gift! You could attach one to a gift card, showing a small token of your appreciation. Or leave some flowers at their desk. You can even attach it to different food items. The options are endless! 




The word 'heart' on this tag could be played up with a lot of different small gifts. You could attach it to Sweethearts, cookies shaped like hearts, or any heart items.



The colorful and fun tags are always a good way to brighten someone's day. Give many thanks and make your Nurses smile during Nurse appreciation week. 




 This is another general tag that works well for all of your medical staff appreciation celebrations. You can change 'Nurses Week' to 'Nurses Day,' 'CNA day', 'Doctors Week' or whenever you want to thank someone. Other small thank you items that go over well include coffee mugs, succulents, and candles. 


There are so many ways to celebrate your staff. If your looking for more than a themed gift tag for Nurse appreciation week, we also have themed week-long itineraries, luncheon invitations, and overall themes such as "Nacho Average Nurse." To see more of these ideas, check out the blog 13 Signs to Make your Nurse Appreciation Week a Success.  

For other Nurse appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables

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