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Unique Nurse Appreciation Gift Tags

Posted by Rachel Repetti on

15 Nurse Appreciation Gift Tags They're Sure to Love!

Gift your Nurses and staff with themed goodies during Nurse Appreciation Week or any day of the week to show how much you care. Every day is the perfect day to thank Nurses for the hard work they put into their jobs. Use favor tags to attach to a gift, gift bag, or even some delicious bites.


These simple and delicious ideas are sure to keep your Nurses' bellies happy! Sweet treats are always a huge hit. Put out a platter, like the donuts below, or wrap up individual items for people to take with them on the go - Hershey's kisses, chocolate(s), cookies, and s'mores kits.

This 'You Deserve All the Hugs & Kisses' thank you tag can be attached to a bag of Hershey kisses. Give them a bag full of them or opt to put them in a cute container such as a mason jar.
Salty snacks can also be an easy food theme. Get some pre-made popcorn or pop your own and place in bags from the dollar store to enhance your display. You can also buy individual sized chip bags in bulk to attach signs and distribute to your staff. These can be the perfect snack to go along with someone's lunch. 




Gifts don't have to be big to make someone smile. You can say thank you by attaching one of these cute tags to lip balm or even a nice pen.

The "You're the Bomb" gift tags can be used for numerous gifts - bath bombs for relaxation, hot cocoa bombs for cozying up in the winter. This is your chance to be creative with it. 


You don't always need a theme to say thanks. These general thank you messages can be used with anything! Attach one to a gift card, showing a small token of your appreciation. Or leave some flowers at their desk with a thank you note. The options are endless! 


For other Nurse appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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