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The Best Ideas for Nurse Appreciation Week

The Best Ideas for Nurse Appreciation Week

Here are 13 signs to make your Nurse appreciation week a success!

It's Nurse appreciation week! This is the perfect time to celebrate all of the hard work that Nurses put into their jobs. Having trouble coming up with fun ideas?Show them how special they are by hosting one of a kind themed Nurse appreciation week celebration(s). Use individual signs or Nurse appreciation sets for any Hospital Nursing staff appreciation week! These are great templates for hospitals, medical companies, and more - all text is editable so you can make it your own! Customize the details or use the simple but unique ideas we've created.

Nurse Appreciation Week Banner

Hang this banner in the staff room or really anywhere throughout the hospital, clinic, or office to show your appreciation to your Nurses.

Nurse Appreciation Week Itineraries

If you're looking to have a full week of appreciation for your Nurses, these Nurse appreciation week itineraries are a great place to start. Post one of these Nurse appreciation week schedule of events in the staff break room or other common areas to let nurses know what goodies are in store for them all week long! All text is editable so it is user preference - use the ideas that we have created for you or come up with your own fun ideas for Nurse appreciation week. 

We've seen a lot of people print the Nurse appreciation week itineraries out large and display them on easels, a simple and classy way to represent what's happening during Nurse appreciation week. You can also print it out on regular sized paper and put it in a frame next to some fresh flowers in a few different spots. Just make sure it's in a spot that all of your Nurses will see!

We have Monday listed as 'Nacho Average Nurses' day. We've posted a few photos later in this blog with an entire nacho setup for this day. This Nurse appreciation week itinerary is centered around food. If you like the design and want to have a non-food day you can always edit to include what you like. For Thursdays 'You're the Sweetest' you could also do individual gift bags with candy or desserts in them. For more ideas like this, visit our Unique Nurse Appreciation Gift Tags blog post.


Nurses work hard and often long shifts so incorporating free caffeinated beverages is always a nice perk. Wednesday we listed as 'Thanks a Latte,' having a gourmet coffee cart in the staff lounge. If this isn't feasible, you could always give your staff a gift card to a local coffee shop to use during Nurse appreciation week.

Nurse Appreciation Week Luncheon Invitations

We have everything you need to make your Nurses feel appreciated all week long! If one of your week long events is to host a luncheon, these customizable invites are the perfect way to make your Nurse appreciation week luncheon a hit. If you don't plan to have a week full of activities, you can always host a luncheon individually as well.

These invitations can be put on display in the staff break room or you can give them out individually or both! It's the little touches that will make your staff feel loved during Nurse appreciation week.

Keep in mind that each of these Nurse appreciation week templates are easily editable! You can update the types of food items you plan to provide or even add a nice personalized sentence as a thank you.


Looking to take it up a notch? Try hand delivering these invites to your nurses with an individual carnation. It will enhance the flower theme on this Nurse appreciation week invite and is a really nice touch to show your appreciation.



Nurse Appreciation Week Sets 

There are two Nurse appreciation week sets available for purchase. Each set includes a weekly events flyer itinerary schedule, luncheon invite/flyer, and nurse thank you favor tag! All of the text is editable so make it read what you wish!


For more details or to download this yellow sunflower themed Nurse appreciation week set, click here. It includes a weekly events flyer itinerary schedule, luncheon invite/flyer and nurse thank you favor tag!


For more details or to purchase this red and blue striped Nurse appreciation week party set, click here. It's a great template set for hospitals, medical companies, and more - all text is editable so make it read what you wish!


Nacho Average Nurse Appreciation Week Theme

Who doesn't love nachos? You can set up a simple and festive nacho bar in the staff break room with a sign and food tent labels as a way to say Muchas Gracias during Nurse appreciation week. Have fun with the toppings! You could even bring in a crock pot to keep the nacho cheese warm instead of having individuals heat up their own plate. Add another crockpot with pulled chicken, ground beef, or chorizo for extra flavor and protein. 



You can also run with the theme and plan a whole week around it. Click here to see all of the fabulous itinerary items we've laid out for an extra festive Nurse appreciation week. Keep the original text or edit it to make it your own. Post this in the staff break room or other common areas to let Nurses know what goodies are in store for them and when all week long! Print smaller and hand out as an invite or flyer to staff at the Hospital.






Food tent labels are a nice touch to enhance your theme and make sure your staff knows exactly what each food item is. You can find editable labels and more nacho themed signs here.


We even have themed gifts to go with your 'Nacho Average' Nurse appreciation week theme. This coffee mug is a simple and nice gift that any Nurse would be happy to receive.  

We also have gift tags to spice up your nacho theme during Nurse appreciation week. If you don't want to gift a coffee mug, use the below gift tag to attach to any small gift! 


Remember to have fun with it. You will be sure to brighten your nurses day with any of these signs. If your looking for something more simple than a luncheon or week long Nurse appreciation celebration, we also have a variety of Nurse appreciation week gift tags. These are all editable so they can be customized for doctors, CNAs, medical assistants and more. To see more of these ideas, check out the blog Unique Nurse Appreciation Gift Tags.

For other Nurse appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables

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