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Newspaper Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Newspaper Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

BREAKING NEWS: It's staff and teacher appreciation week! This is the perfect time to celebrate the hard work that teachers put into their jobs. Show them how extra-ordinary they are by hosting a one of a kind teacher appreciation week. This newspaper theme printable party pack comes equipped with everything you need to host the world's best newspaper theme teacher appreciation week


Thank your teachers for making you happy campers with the following customizable items:

  • Newspaper theme teacher appreciation week printable party set
  • Party favors - “EXTRA, EXTRA! Thank you for being so extra-ordinary!"
  • Itinerary for a newspaper theme appreciation week
  • Newspaper decor
  • And MORE!

For a full description and to purchase the newspaper theme
teacher appreciation week party set, visit 
TidyLady Printables.



Post this newspaper theme teacher appreciation week schedule of events in the staff break room or other common area to let teachers and staff know what goodies are in store for them all week long! Print smaller to hand out as an invite or flyer to teachers in the school!


There are multiple sizes available and you can edit the verbiage to meet your needs or use the pre-made template. The pre-made template lists fun ideas for every day of your newspaper theme teacher appreciation week. Friday is listed as World News day, with a VIP snack cart traveling to all of the classrooms. If that doesn't work, make it a grab and go snack buffet in the lunchroom. Decorate with newspaper theme teacher appreciation week editable templates - thank you signs, cupcake toppers, food tent labels, and awards. Take the decor up a notch with table cloths, real newspapers, newspaper origami crafts, and more! Get creative! Most items found in these photo are from the dollar store or crafted at home.



A variety of different thank you signs come with the newspaper theme teacher appreciation week printable party set - crossword thank you, coffee and donut bar thank you, you are just the type of teachers, and staff that we need. Download, click, and print. It's as easy as that. We've already come up with all of the fun newspaper theme thank you messages so you don't have to!



Everyone loves dessert! Utilize the newspaper theme cupcake toppers to make your table stand out in a simple and effortless way. Add in variety to your dessert display by using an assortment of different sized cupcakes, or cupcakes that are decorated just a little different. You can use newspaper to create toppers! 



The food tent labels match the theme but are editable so you can have fun with it. As you can see below, we used common food items and made them newspaper theme by adding in "World's Best," "Award Winning," and "Noteworthy." 



Show your teachers and staff how much you appreciate their hard work, dedication, and talent! Personalize and print these newspaper theme teacher appreciation certificates to give to all members of your staff as a clever and thoughtful way to say thanks. 



You can also gift your teachers and staff with themed goodies! Use the favor tags to attach to a gift and/or gift bag. Or get creative with the camping theme and individually wrap s'mores to hand out to each person. Show them that the world needs s'more teachers and staff like them!



We have everything you need to make your staff feel extra-ordinary during teacher appreciation week! The newspaper theme printable set comes with decor but we've hand crafted invites for you as well. Send a teacher appreciation week luncheon invite to teachers and staff to invite them to your newspaper theme event! 



A great way to communicate the happenings of your teacher appreciation week! Send this newspaper theme teacher appreciation week schedule of events newsletter flyer home with students so they and their families know how to participate. They can help show teachers how thankful you are!


BIG NEWS! You can make your staff feel extra-ordinary with this newspaper theme teacher appreciation week printable party set

For other Teacher appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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