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Camping Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Camping Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is a perfect time to celebrate the hard work that teachers put into their jobs. Show them that you camp possibly thank them enough for all that they do. This camping theme printable party pack comes equipped with everything you need to host a bear-y great camping themed teacher appreciation week! 



Thank your teachers for making you happy campers with the following customizable items:

  • Camping theme teacher appreciation week printables 
  • Party favors - “We are so plaid to have teachers & staff like you"
  • Itinerary for a camping theme appreciation week
  • Outdoorsy decor
  • And MORE!

For a full description and to purchase the camping theme
teacher appreciation week party set, visit TidyLady Printables.



Post this camping themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events in the staff break room or other common area to let teachers and staff know what goodies are in store for them all week long! Print smaller to hand out as an invite or flyer to teachers in the school!


There are multiple sizes available and you can edit the verbiage to meet your needs or use the pre-made template. Check out the "Happy Trails" setup. Stock up on trail mix fixings and snacks to make your campers smile. Decorate with camping themed teacher appreciation week editable templates - thank you signs, bunting banner, cupcake toppers, food tent labels, and water bottle labels. Take the decor up a notch with table cloths, plaid ribbon, twine, pinecones and more! Get creative! Most items found in these photo are from nature or the dollar store.


Below is a closeup of the vases used for our camping themed appreciation week decoration. Vases, artificial flowers, plaid ribbon, and twine were all purchased at the dollar store. The twine was used to keep the ribbon secure on the vase. Quick tip - use the bunny ears method to tie your bows, they will turn out much more even. The red and white flowers were purchased separately and arranged together for more dimension and color. The lantern was something we already had, but you can find items like this at Ikea, Target, etc. 

Another decor item we wanted to emphasize for this camping themed teacher appreciation week is fire. What would camping be without friends hanging around a camp fire and roasting marshmallows? This homemade camp fire may look difficult but it's actually pretty simple. 

First, you will want to find a stable and inconspicuous base so you can move your fire around with ease. We used a serving dish and covered it in black tissue paper so it doesn't distract from the fire itself. Next, head outside and find twigs and pine cones. We set the twigs up in a log cabin style with four sides, laying each twig down somewhat randomly to give dimension. Then you will need red, orange, and yellow tissue paper. The red is at the bottom, orange in the middle, and yellow on top. You may have to work with it a bit to get the correct shape. Don't be afraid to use something on the inside to stabilize it/keep it's shape. Lastly, use any pinecones and unique items you found outside to decorate the space.



A variety of different thank you signs come with the camp theme teacher appreciation week printable party set - We are bear-y thankful for you, thanks for being such Ax-cellent teachers and staff, thanks for making us such happy campers, and S'more teachers and staff like you. Download, click, and print. It's as easy as that. We've already come up with all of the fun camp themed thank you messages so you don't have to!


Everyone loves dessert! Utilize the camping themed cupcake toppers to make your table stand out in a simple and effortless way. Add in variety to your dessert display by using an assortment of different sized cupcakes, or cupcakes that are decorated just a little different. You can use graham crackers or marshmallows as toppers and if you want to get really creative, you can make bon fire or s'mores cupcakes! Click on the images below for the instructions!




The food tent labels match the theme but are editable so you can have fun with it. As you can see below, we used common food items and made them camping themed. Pretzels for twigs, chocolate covered cookie dough bites for bear poop, gummy bears for grizzly bears, water for lake water, and swiss rolls for fire logs. 




Show your teachers how much you appreciate them during teacher appreciation week with VIP room service. Are some of your teachers too busy to partake in the other teacher appreciation week parties? Edit this pre-designed Room Service Door Hanger and collect their preferences in this fun way! Pick a day to deliver their camp concession treats, making them happy campers. This is sure to make their day bright!





Show your teachers and staff how in-tent-sly you appreciate them! Personalize and print these camping themed teacher appreciation certificates to give to all members of your staff as a clever and thoughtful way to say thanks. 




You can also gift your teachers and staff with themed goodies! Use the favor tags to attach to a gift and/or gift bag. Or get creative with the camping theme and individually wrap s'mores to hand out to each person. Show them that the world needs s'more teachers and staff like them!




We have everything you need to make your staff happy campers during teacher appreciation week! The camping themed printable set comes with decor but we've hand crafted invites for you as well. Send a teacher appreciation week luncheon invite to teachers and staff to invite them to your camp themed event! 




A great way to communicate the happenings of your teacher appreciation week! Send this camping themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events newsletter flyer home with students so they and their families know how to participate. They can help show teachers how bear-y thankful you are!


Make your staff happy campers with this camping themed teacher appreciation week printable party set. Find the bear-y fun set here

For other Teacher appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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