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10 Great Ways To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

10 Great Ways To Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021 is May 3rd - May 7th, which is right around the corner and this year the teachers really deserve and extra huge thanks for all the additional work they've put in with our current circumstances!
Whether your school is continuing to go completely remote with exclusive virtual learning, have a hybrid platform or the students are back in school full time with safe social distancing practices in place - we have some amazing ways to celebrate teacher appreciation week 2021 for your school and it's wonderful hard-working teachers here!


Appreciate Your Teachers in a Hybrid or Full Time Learning Environment

While you may not be able to celebrate the full teacher appreciation week 2021 in person, there are some social distancing ideas you can do on the days that the teachers are there as well as using some of the ideas above for the remote learning days. Use one of our itineraries below (which are fully editable) to shower them with thanks and let them know all your plans for the week - whether remote, in person or both!

 teacher appreciation



Below are some great socially distanced appreciation ideas to celebrate the teachers when they are in school:

1.  Hire a Food Truck or Ice Cream Truck for the teachers to enjoy a special lunch or ice cream treat outside on one of the days.
2.  Host an outdoor socially distanced BBQ luncheon or picnic

3.  Set up grab and go lunches/bento boxes or swag bags full of snacks, hand sanitizers, face masks, classroom supplies in the break room to take back to their classrooms and enjoy!  This also works great for breakfast with pre-boxed muffins and donuts!  

Bonus:  Include cute appreciation tags to go with the items!  We have SO MANY appreciation gifts tags to choose from here and also included some great examples that would work especially well for teacher appreciation week 2021!



4. Offer VIP room service and go door to door to each classroom handing out selected snacks to the teachers

5.  Have a socially distanced luncheon indoors.  Be sure to include spaces between tables, or have teachers do different time shifts where they can go have lunch in smaller groups.

Celebrate the Teachers Virtually!

There are so many fun and creative ways you can celebrate and appreciate your awesome teachers from a distance.  Here are a few ideas below and also be sure to check out our HUGE blog post from last year's virtual teacher appreciation ideas 2020 that you can use for this year too!
1. Put Appreciation Yard Signs in teacher's Front Yard


2. Send gifts to teacher's homes - flowers, gift cards, treats and more! 

 View our enormous list of virtual teacher appreciation gift ideas here

3. Have students mail postcards or letters to teachers

4. Chalk the Walk in Front of Teacher's Homes writing sweet messages thanking them and telling them how much you miss them.

5. Have an appreciation drive-through luncheon or parade

No matter how you choose to celebrate this year we are sure to have something to help you make the teachers feel extra loved and appreciated, which is the ultimate goal whether in-person or at a distance.  Our teachers have been through a lot this school year so let's make sure we acknowledge and shower them with the gratitude they deserve during fabulous teacher appreciation week 2021!

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