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Baseball Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Party Set

Baseball Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Party Set

Teacher appreciation week is a perfect time to celebrate the hard work that teachers put into their jobs. Thank them for making this year a home run with this baseball-themed printable party set equipped with everything you need to host an unforgettable baseball-themed appreciation week

Baseball Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Party Set

Hit it out of the park with the following customizable items:

  • Baseball-themed printable set
  • Party favors - “There’s no one batter than you!”
  • Itinerary for a home run baseball- themed teacher appreciation week
  • Fun decor and MORE!

For a full description and to purchase the baseball-themed
teacher appreciation week party set, visit TidyLady Printables.

Appreciation Week Events Itinerary for Teachers

Post this baseball-themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events in the staff break room or other common area to let teachers and staff know what goodies are in store for them during teacher appreciation week! Print smaller to hand out as an invite or flyer to teachers in the school! There are multiple sizes available and you can edit the verbiage to meet the needs for your school. We've come up with daily activities for you but you can also make your own.

Newsletter for Families

A great way to communicate the happenings of your baseball-themed teacher appreciation week! Send this baseball-themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events newsletter flyer home with students so they and their families know how to participate. They can help hit this baseball-themed teacher appreciation week out of the park!

VIP Room Service

Give your teachers the MVP all-star treatment during your baseball-themed teacher appreciation week with grand slam room service. Are some of your teachers too busy to partake in the other teacher appreciation week activities? Edit this pre-designed Room Service Door Hanger and collect their preferences in this cute way! Pick a day to deliver the goodies, making them feel like true MVPs. This is sure to brighten their day!


Concession Treats

Set up the teachers lounge as a concession stand! Stock up on snacks for the seventh inning stretch. Decorate with baseball-themed teacher appreciation editable templates - welcome sign, banners, concessions stand menu, cupcake toppers, food tents, and water bottle labels. Take the decor up a notch with balloons, pom poms, table cloths, and more! Get creative! Most items found in this photo are from the dollar store.



Use store bought cupcakes, pictured above, to show off your cupcake toppers with minimal time commitment. Or go all out and make your own baseball-themed teacher appreciation week desserts. Ice a cookie white with red stitching or turn a crowd pleasing funfetti cupcake into a baseball. 

If you're feeling extra crafty, pick up a few mason jars from the store. You can paint them to look like baseballs. After painting the base coat white, use sandpaper to get the rustic look. You can use them as cutlery holders, flower vases, and more! 

Looking for even more ways to hit this baseball-themed teacher appreciation week out of the park? Go theme-tastic and make a baseball out of balloons! It's all in the details. Create a circular template to attach white balloons. Blow the balloons up in varying sizes to make it look more interesting. Lastly, cut the stitching out of red paper (you can use individual sheets and tape them together or get a larger poster board at the store). 

Lunch Invite

We have everything you need to make your baseball-themed teacher appreciation week a hit! The baseball-themed printable set comes with decor but we've hand crafted invites for you as well. Send a Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon invite to teachers and staff to invite them to your baseball-themed event! 

Teacher Appreciation Certificate

Thank your teachers for a grand slam year! Personalize and print to give to all members of your staff as a clever and thoughtful way to show thanks during your baseball-themed teacher appreciation week. 

Batters up! Grab your baseball bat and take a swing at re-creating this baseball-themed teacher appreciation week event here

For other teacher appreciation week ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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