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Board Games Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Board Games Themed Teacher Appreciation Week

Teacher appreciation week is a perfect time to celebrate the hard work that teachers put into their jobs. Show them that you are not playing any games when you say you appreciate them to pieces and would be completely puzzled without them. This board game theme printable party pack comes equipped with everything you need to host a fun filled board game-themed teacher appreciation week





Appreciate your teachers to pieces with the following customizable items:

  • Board game theme teacher appreciation week printables 
  • Party favors - “We'd be in serious TROUBLE without you!”
  • Itinerary for a board game theme appreciation week
  • Bright and fun, themed decor
  • And MORE!

For a full description and to purchase the board game theme
teacher appreciation party set, visit TidyLady Printables.



Post this board game-themed schedule of events in the staff break room or other common area to let teachers and staff know what goodies are in store for them during your board game theme teacher appreciation week! Print smaller to hand out as an invite or flyer to teachers in the school!



There are multiple sizes available and you can edit the verbiage to meet your needs or use the pre-made template. Check out the snack day party setup - "Here's a CLUE how much we appreciate you!" Stock up on snacks for a fun filled game day. Decorate with editable templates - welcome sign, bunting banner, cupcake toppers, food tent labels, and water bottle labels. Take the decor up a notch with balloons, pom poms, table cloths, and more! Get creative! Most items found in this photo are from the dollar store.


As you can see above, we bought taco dip because it's always a crowd favorite. However, another fun way to incorporate cheese would be a Jenga cheese tower! Instead or in addition to chips and taco dip, you could do crackers and cheese. See how fun this could look below.

We had some fun making specialty Domino brownies (see steps later in the blog) to enhance the theme so we used store bought cookies. If you have the time and want to take the edible decor up a notch, you could make scrabble cookies. Click on the image below to check out the delicious recipe.


Appreciate your teachers to pieces during your board game themed teacher appreciation week with VIP room service. Are some of your teachers too busy to partake in the other teacher appreciation week parties? Edit this pre-designed Room Service Door Hanger and collect their preferences in this cute way! Pick a day to deliver the goodies, making them feel like true winners. This is sure to brighten their day!




Thank your teachers for being real winners! Personalize and print to give to all members of your staff as a clever and thoughtful way to show thanks during your board game themed teacher appreciation week.


Above is a good close-up of the Domino brownies we made to enhance the board game theme as well. They are super easy and a huge hit! You can use a store bought brownie mix (we used one with fudge frosting to make the toppings stick better) and bake them as you would regularly, following the instructions on the box. We used a 9x11 pan to make the brownies a little thiner for the Domino shape.

Let the brownies cool completely before cutting. Instead of cutting the shapes in the pan, we transferred large pieces to a cutting board to get a more precise cut. Then take a knife and run it across the center, not making a full cut of the brownie but a small line. To make the numbers we used M&Ms. Mini M&Ms would work really well for this as well, if you can find them. Ta-da, you have Domino brownies!


We have everything you need to make teacher appreciation week a win! The teacher appreciation week board game theme printable set comes with decor but we've hand crafted invites for you as well. Send a Teacher Appreciation Week luncheon invite to teachers and staff to invite them to your board game-themed event! 




A great way to communicate the happenings of your teacher appreciation week! Send this board game-themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events newsletter flyer home with students so they and their families know how to participate. They can help kick off the fun!


Your turn! Take a chance at re-creating the fun and games of this board game themed teacher appreciation week here

For other Teacher appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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