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12 Gift Ideas For Quarantine Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

12 Gift Ideas For Quarantine Teacher Appreciation Week 2020

Showing love and appreciation to our beloved teachers this year is a little more challenging since they are all quarantined in their homes and we must all unfortunately stay apart.  We can still get creative though and shower them with the love and support they deserve during Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 with these clever and creative virtual teacher appreciation gift ideas!



1. Coffee Gift Tags


Teachers are doing a lot these days to try to educate their students from afar - and the sometimes requires lots of caffeine!! Give them a Gift of Quarantine Caffeine or tell them you miss them a latte with these great coffee virtual teacher appreciation gift tags!


2.  Distance Learning Tags

Tell your teachers that you would be virtually lost without them (so true) with these super cute quarantine gift tags.  You can attach to any type of gift to add some personal flair!


3. Candy and Quarantine Treat Tags

virtual teacher appreciation virtual teacher appreciation

Does your sweet teacher have a sweet tooth?!  Gift them a SWEET QUARANTINE TREAT of homemade cookies, brownies or cupcakes or tell them you MISS THEM A CHOCO-LOT with chocolate candy gift tags that you can attach to store bought candy bars or local chocolates (support a local small business chocolatier at the same time - double bonus!)


4. Box of Sunshine Gift Tags

virtual teacher appreciation week sunshine gift tag

Have students contribute money and send your teacher a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers and attach this sweet tag or make a quarantine survival gift box to shower teachers with love during virtual teacher appreciation week!  Create a survival gift box theme such as A GIFT OF SUNSHINE to lift their spirits and show them true appreciation and pampering.   Fill boxes with yummy smelling candles, candies, snacks, lotions, bath salts, chapsticks, gift cards and even maybe a live succulent plant!  Try to find items and products in bright sunny yellow colors to keep with the happy sunshine theme!


5. World's Best Quaran-teacher Tags

Think your teacher is the best!  I bet he or she is!  Put a clever spin on telling them how you feel with these great quarantine best quaran-teacher gift tags!


6. Nacho Average Quaran-teacher Fiesta Tags!

Since this Quarantined Teacher Appreciation Week 2020 falls right during Cinco De Mayo incorporate the theme with the "NACHO AVERAGE QUARAN-TEACHER" gift tags!  Attach to a Mexican-themed basket of chips, salsa, margarita mix and avocados and leave at your teacher's doorstep for an adorable and fun fiesta gift they are sure to love!


7. Zoom Poem

 Want to tell your teacher how you feel with a poem?!  This clever little zoom poem is sure to do the trick and make your teacher feel loved and appreciated, even if virtually!
You can use the tag above to attach to sweet little gifts otherwise you can find the full editable art print below to personalize with student's names and gift as a memorable keepsake art print!  Simply frame and give out as a gift itself to the very-deserving teachers in your life!


8. Apart but Teaching With All their Heart

Quarantine makes us be apart, but our hardworking teachers are still teaching with all their heart.  Express that truth with these cute teacher appreciation gift tags! 


9. Because Virtual Teaching Wine Label 


Use this clever and hilarious "because virtual teacher" quarantine teacher appreciation wine labels to attach to wine and leave at your teacher's doorstep!  The label pretty much sums up the last few weeks and offers them a way to kick back and relax!


10. Target Gift Card Holder 

virtual teacher appreciation week 2020 gift ideas

Shopping can be qualified as a sport of choice when sitting in quarantine! When in doubt a Target or Amazon gift card is always a great idea.  Both for personal use or to use for classroom supplies teachers will love this practical idea for virtual teacher appreciation week. 
You can gift the gift extra flair by attaching a Target gift card to a cute printable gift card holder!


11. Bundt Cake Tags

Tell your teacher's you're thinking a-bundt them with these cute teacher appreciation bundt cake tags!


12. Student Keepsake Booklet

Have students each compile a page and create a memory book for your teachers to treasure.  Even though they are stuck in quarantine, they will love flipping their pages and seeing all their students smiling back at them!

12. Give a TidyLady Printables Gift Card

Why?  Because you know teachers are just itching to get back into their classrooms and since there is a lot of current downtime to daydream and cruise Pinterest for classroom ideas for the fall, give them a gift card so they can splurge on a wide array of TidyLady Printables inspirational classroom posters to make their future classroom bright and beautiful!  They will have a jump start on getting their classrooms cute and organized over the summer and this unique and creative gift idea will help with those costs! A thoughtful and unique gift for any teacher!



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