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The 12 Best Posters for your School Computer Lab

The 12 Best Posters for your School Computer Lab

It's important to decorate classroom of all kinds to inspire, motivate and help students stay on track, but sometimes the school computer lab gets forgotten about.  Not anymore!  We've got some really awesome computer lab decor ideas for you to try here!

1. Welcome To the Computer Lab Posters

Welcome students in your computer lab with this bright and fun classroom poster welcome sign!  This cute design also sneaks in some do's and dont's of entering the computer or lab as well!

computer lab poster

This Personalized Computer Lab Welcome Sign is fully editable so you can change to reflect the teacher's name as well as the name of the subject/class the students are walking into!  Make great decor for any computer lab, technology class or media room!

computer lab classroom poster


2.  Computer Shortcuts Classroom Posters

Help students remember computer keyboard shortcuts with these bright, eye-catching and functional posters. Awesome decor for any computer lab or technology classroom.  Also works great for study hall rooms and libraries!  Comes in both a Mac Version and PC Version!

school computer lab decor

computer lab poster

3. Computer Lab Classroom Anti Bully Posters

Promote kindness and strategies for overcome cyber-bullying in your computer lab or technology classroom with these awesome posters.  These computer classroom posters serve as a great reminder for students to not be mean behind the screen and think before they post as well as filling your computer lab walls with bright and inspiring decor!

computer lab classroom poster

computer lab classroom poster

cyber bully computer classroom poster

4. Computer Lab Classroom Rules Poster Set

An awesome set of 7 classroom rules posters great for decorating a bulletin board or big empty wall in a computer lab or technology classroom!  Clever and creative this set uses popular keyboard keys as a memorable way to educate and remind students of your expectations and how to behave in your computer lab classroom.

computer lab poster set

5. Motivational Computer Lab Classroom Poster

This popular technology "app-ly yourself" poster is a clever wordplay that can be used as motivational decor in just about any classroom, including computer labs!  

computer lab classroom poster

6. No Food or Drinks Allowed Computer Lab Poster

Make sure your students know the hard and fast important rule of no drinks and food allowed in your computer classroom with this poster.  Easy and quick way to decorate a blank wall and also share your classroom policy with students.

no food or drink sign

7. Online Safety Posters

Online safety rules for students and kids online is very important and these computer lab classroom posters remind students what to do if something were to happen.  Staying SMART online is an invaluable lesson and a great way to fill walls not only in a computer lab but also in a school library, study hall or other common space where technology is often used.

internet safety computer lab poster

computer lab online safety poster

8. Cursor Icons Computer Lab Classroom Poster

Have a computer lab with students who are on the newer side to working with technology.  This great "what is your cursor saying?" poster is an awesome tool for students to reference if they get stuck or confused.  

computer lab classroom poster

9. What is a Digital Citizen Poster

Teaching kids the importance of being a responsible digital citizen is very important.  This awesome, bright and eye-catching computer lab classroom poster subway art sign is perfect for educating kids what it means to be a digital citizen in this day and age.

computer lab poster

10. Computer Lab Station Identifiers

Run a smooth and organized computer lab or technology classroom with these cute editable computer tags.  Identify each computer station easily so students know where they are assigned, how to reference each computer, and keeping track of any tech issues/repairs.

All text is editable so you can label and organize them how you wish for your lab.  Then simply print, trim and tape to the corner of each screen or on the table nearby to identify stations in your computer classroom. 

computer lab decor

11. In This Computer Lab You Are Poster

Give students the confidence and inspiration to know their potential when they walk into your computer lab or technology classroom with this inspiring poster.  Let them know that the real reason you are there teaching them, is because of them.  A wonderful wall decoration to display how much your students mean to you!

computer lab poster

12. The Future of The World is in This Classroom

Fact: Both kids and technology are the future of our world.  Addressing this inspiring sentiment in your computer lab or technology classroom is the perfect way to decorate a blank wall or bulletin board!  This poster makes for bright decor that is sure to liven up any school computer lab!

classroom poster


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Pia - January 17, 2022

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