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12 Best Decor Ideas for your School Library

12 Best Decor Ideas for your School Library

When decorating the school library or media center, it's important to make it bright and colorful to inspire kids to get excited about reading! We've got some really awesome school library posters to accomplish just that!

1. Welcome To the Library Posters

Welcome students in your school library with this bright and fun welcome to the library sign.  This cute design comes in both vertical and horizontal orientations and there's also a version for the media center too!

library poster

This Personalized Library Welcome Sign is a fully editable template so you can change to reflect the librarian's name!  Makes great decor for any school library or media room and helps kid's remember the name of the school librarian!  Perfect for children librarians too!

school library


2.  Where is the School Librarian Door Hanger

Help students and other school faculty keep track of the school librarian.  A great way to communicate with other teachers and stay organized. Awesome and functional decor for any school library!


library poster

3. Reading is an Adventure Posters

Getting lost in a book is one of life's pure joys and what better way to get kids interested in reading with these library reading is an adventure posters.  Entice kids and show them the possibility of being taken to far away lands and going places in their imagination when staying right where they are with these great library posters.


4. Library Rules Poster

An awesome school library rules poster that is great for decorating a library bulletin board or big empty wall in a school library!  Make sure students are aware of the library expectations with this great library acronym rules sign.

library rules poster

5.  When You Enter This Library You Are Poster

Give students the confidence and inspiration to know their potential when they walk into your school library with this inspiring poster.  Let them know that the real reason you are there helping them, is because of them.  A wonderful library wall decoration to display how much your students mean to you!

Need the singular "I Am Here" version?  We have that available here!

school library poster

6. Library Sections Genre Posters

Get your school library cute and organized with these library genre posters.  This editable template set allows you to create your own genre signs to hang in the library to help students locate the books they are looking for!

 school library genre posters

7. Online Safety Library Posters

Online safety rules for students and kids online is very important and these printable posters remind students what to do if something were to happen and how to be safe and smart online.  This is a great way to fill walls with decor in a school library, study hall or other common space where technology is often used.

computer lab poster

computer lab online safety poster

8. Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader

Inspiring and bright poster for any school library!  Today a Reader, Tomorrow a Leader!

school library poster

9. What is a Digital Citizen Poster

Most school libraries have computer areas and teaching kids the importance of being a responsible digital citizen is very important.  This awesome, bright and eye-catching poster subway art sign is perfect for educating kids what it means to be a digital citizen in this day and age.

computer lab poster

10. Computer Id Tags
Run a smooth and organized library or computer corner with these cute editable computer tags.  Identify each computer station easily so students know where they are assigned, how to reference each computer, and keeping track of any tech issues/repairs.

All text is editable so you can label and organize them how you wish for your lab.  Then simply print, trim and tape to the corner of each screen or on the table nearby to identify stations in your school library. 

computer lab decor

11. The More You Read The More You Know

Inspire students in your school library to keep reading, knowing and growing with this fun and bright reading poster!

school library decor

12. The Future of The World is in This School

Fact: Kids, knowledge, reading and technology are all the future of our world.  Addressing this inspiring sentiment in your school library is the perfect way to decorate a blank wall or library bulletin board!  This poster makes for bright decor that is sure to liven up any school library!

school poster


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