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6 Ways To Create the Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Week Station

6 Ways To Create the Ultimate Teacher Appreciation Week Station

Getting students involved is a huge part of the success of your school's teacher appreciation week.  Creating an appreciation station is a sure way to encourage participation and positive energy throughout your school during this fun and special week!

So what is a teacher and staff appreciation week station anyway?

A Teacher and Staff Appreciation Station is a table setup that is filled with blank thank you cards, stationary and notes for students to color and draw on and write special messages to the important teachers and staff in their life.  The table can also include fun art supplies such as markers, crayons, stickers and paints that the students can embellish the notes with.

After students, parents and anyone else who wants to contribute is done filling in their thank you notes, they can tape them up on the walls around the appreciation station!  This makes for a great teacher and staff appreciation week display to add festive joy and cheer to the school!

Want to setup your own successful teacher and staff appreciation station for your school during appreciation week?  Follow the steps to find out exactly how!

1. Designate a common area of your school to create the appreciation station

Making sure this area is a heavy traffic area of the school will boost participation when students walk by!  Great common areas can be cafeterias, library or media rooms, a main hallway or even at the entrance of the school.

2. Make it bright and bold so people can't miss it!

Create a large banner to hang up above the table where you will have all your supplies.  You can find the teacher and staff appreciation station banner we have created here

teacher appreciation station banner

The best part is you can customize with your school name and use over and over again every year as part of your Teacher Appreciation Week!  Make your school teacher and staff appreciation station an annual tradition starting this year!


3.  Set the table up with large amounts of supplies

teacher appreciation station

Add baskets of crayons, markers, stickers and art supplies to your table along with thank you notes and blank paper so students can make their own.  Make sure to have ample supplies of tape so students can post their thank you notes on the wall once they are filled in!

You can also have Teacher Appreciation Notes you can add to your appreciation station table that are all ready for students to fill in here!  All you need to do is download, print and trim out to create stacks of adorable thank you cards for your table!

appreciation station thank you notes

4. Display appreciation station instructions and teacher and staff name spellings

teacher appreciation station

Many students may be unsure as to what exactly to do.  Provide clear instructions with this bright and fun sign! Another fantastic idea is to print out list of teacher and faculty names so the students or volunteers can reference the spellings if they need to. 

5. Provide a candy or treat incentive


This is of course optional, but a helpful way to encourage students to participate is to offer a reward for each note they fill out and hang up (perhaps have a limit of 5).  You can purchase bulk cheap candy such as taffy, suckers or peppermints for this and they can head down to the main office to get their treat or see an appreciation station volunteer once they've made their contribution!

6. Have an adult volunteering at the appreciation station for the week

teacher appreciation station

This is a great job for school pto or pta members or volunteers!  The volunteer can replenish low supplies, keep the area tidy, hand out candy and help students hang their notes.

Teacher and staff appreciation stations are an amazing and cost effective way to make the teachers and faculty in your school feel loved and appreciated.  It also really encourages students to participate and ponder on how much the adults in their life do for them while understanding the impact of kindness and gratitude!

Get started on your colorful and eye-catching teacher and staff appreciation station display today!

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