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teacher appreciation snack table ideas

Snack table sign ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Are you looking for a fun way to appreciate your employees, volunteers or staff? Everyone loves snacks and there are a variety of tasty snacks you can put out to show your thanks during appreciation week! These snack themed appreciation ideas come equipped with everything you need to easily host an appreciation snack day. 


Dessert is the most important meal of the day, right? These fun signs will allow you to say thanks with the most delicious snack options. Put together a whole dessert appreciation table with cookies, chocolates and s'mores! Or have a dessert themed appreciation week with a different display every day as a special treat for your staff. 

Chip chip hooray!! It's time to appreciate all the hard work that your staff puts in every single day. A great idea for your appreciation week is to put out some freshly baked cookies or find some store bought goodies to put on display. It's always a great idea to provide a variety of options as everyone has different tastes or to keep food allergies in mind. Provide a mix of chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, and more. Your employees will be so happy!

Another delicious and versatile option for an appreciation week display is chocolate! You'd be hard pressed to find someone you can resist chocolate treats! You can put together an entire chocolate display with a variety of chocolate items - cupcakes, truffles, candy, hot cocoa, etc. Or you could stick to chocolate bars or chocolate candies. Choose what works best for your staff and what they will appreciate the most. 

You can take your appreciation week snack table up a notch and go with a childhood (and adult favorite) - s'mores! Pre-package or arrange the supplies for a snack that is quick to make. There are a lot of different options to heat the marshmallows. Microwave will heat the marshmallows in a jiffy. Another option is to bring in a small burner for everyone to 'roast' marshmallows over. If you plan to hand out individual s'mores kits, you could wrap the supplies in a baggie attach a small tea light candle with a stick and use this cute tag! Your staff can roast their marshmallows over the candle flame. Such a fun way to say thank you!

smore tag

At some point in your life you've likely experienced an ice cream sundae bar, and how delicious and fun they are! Show your gratitude for teachers, staff and employees with a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings! Looking for a more unique way to say thank you? Hire an ice cream truck to stop by your office or school during lunch!  A great treat idea to show your thanks during appreciation week!

As an add on to ice cream or as a whole different direction, put out a snow cone bar. Rent a snow cone maker for the day to put a smile on your employee's faces. Or purchase one and make it a yearly tradition to show them just 'snow' much you appreciate them.



If you're not looking to go the sweets route, there are a plethora of salty snacks to put out or deliver to your employees, teachers or volunteers to show your appreciation during appreciation week. Plan it out as a savory snack week where you display a different snack each day for one week, or put together a whole display of snacks for your staff to choose from as your way of saying thanks during a single appreciation day!

If you don't have a popcorn machine, no worries! You could look into renting one but there are some many popcorn options. Purchasing large bags of popcorn at the store and distributing them into smaller 'popcorn' containers is an inexpensive and easy option. Start with a butter flavored popcorn and provide different mixings and flavors such as cheddar, white cheddar, kettle corn, etc. A lot of people also like the salty and sweet combo. Accomplish this by providing a small container of M&Ms or other candy treat.

Speaking of a sweet and salty combo, trail mix is a staple snack item! Are you feeling the success of your business because of your wonderful employees or staff? Or are your students enjoying the success of education because your teachers are so terrific?! Say thank you by putting out trail mix for a healthy snack for your staff. Another option is to put out all of the fixings in individual containers and let your staff put together their version of a perfect trail mix. Great options are a variety of nuts, pretzels, raisins, dried fruits and chocolate.  A fantastic and well-loved snack idea for appreciation week of all kinds!

Has it been a hectic or stressful week at the office or school? Showing your gratitude and appreciation is a great way to improve the mood and motivation amongst your staff and it can be so quick and simple! Something very easy and affordable to put out is this 'bar none' granola bar sign. Choose one or a variety of granola bars to accompany it.  This can work as a quick breakfast or snack table appreciation idea!
An optimal salty and savory snack is the pretzel! We always like variety and pretzels have so many options - sticks, twists, classic pretzel shape, and more. Let's not forget the flavor options and different dips you could pair with it such as pub cheese dip, peanut butter, hummus and more. Show your staff that you really would 'knot' know what to do without them with this snack idea for your appreciation week!
Are your employees, teachers or staff  all that and a bag of chips? Show them! Grab some giant bowls and different flavors and brands of chips to put out with serving utensils as a way to say thanks! You can also purchase individual bags for an easy grab and go item for your appreciation week event!
cheesy appreciation snack table sign
We love this idea for a cheese themed snack table!  Load up on cheese and crackers, cheesy chips and popcorn and thank them will an array of cheese flavored goodies!


Speaking of grab and go, an appreciation delivery snack cart is a phenomenal option. You can take ideas of all the different items above or come up with your own snacks to provide. Picking something sweet, salty, healthy and a beverage provides a good variety. 

Once you have your snack cart prepped with all of the goodies, show your staff how much you care by showering them with VIP room service! Are some of your employees too busy to partake in the other appreciation day/week parties? Edit this pre-designed Room Service Door Hanger and collect their preferences in this fun way! Pick a day to deliver their treats. This is such a thoughtful way to make their day special and bright!
We even have signs to put on your snack cart to make the deliveries extra fun! Your employees, teachers, volunteers, or whoever you are choosing to appreciate will know something special is on the way. This is a very cute and efficient way of showing your thanks! 


Don't forget that your staff, employees, volunteers or teachers might get thirsty after all these sweet and salty snacks.  Make sure to provide soda or water to wash down all the yummy treats for your appreciation week event! 

If time is not on your side and you need to put something together FAST for your appreciation week, we have the solution for you here!  Simply print and hang these "lounge is stocked" or "fridge is stocked" signs and fill the fridge and tables in the break room with tons of snacks/beverages to grab as they wish!  Easy and quick they will love it too!


Take these ideas and whip up a tasty snack appreciation display or show your thanks with individual signs day by day! 

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