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14 Ideas for Hosting a Creative Teacher Appreciation Week Breakfast

14 Ideas for Hosting a Creative Teacher Appreciation Week Breakfast

It is always the perfect time to celebrate the hard work that your staff put into their jobs. Show them that you have 'muffin' to do and appreciate them bunches. These ideas for hosting a creative appreciation breakfast come equipped with everything you need to host a super tasty appreciation breakfast and thank you gifts.

Cereal-sly appreciate your staff with the following customizable items:

  • Appreciation breakfast welcome sign
  • Appreciation breakfast invites
  • Themed appreciation breakfast sign sets
  • Breakfast themed appreciation gift tags

To purchase breakfast themed appreciation signs, visit TidyLady Printables


Utilize this teacher appreciation breakfast welcome sign to greet your staff as they arrive. Edit the sign to include your school name and print as a 16x20 poster to put right outside of the staff lounge. 

If you're not a fan of the chalkboard look, we also have a breakfast themed welcome sign with a white background! If you don't have the ability to print as a poster, print as an 8x11 and put in a picture frame. This can sit on table with small decor items by the entrance of your teacher appreciation breakfast. 


Send this themed appreciation breakfast invite to all your staff to invite them to your breakfast! Print and place these in your staff's mailboxes or put on display in multiple areas throughout the office that they will see.

Maybe you want to keep it more simple that a brunch theme and go with a donut theme. You can use this invite, along with donut themed signs shown later in this blog post. 


We've got some really creative and fun ways to decorate the break room/staff lunchroom to show your appreciation. One of the simplest and effective ways to decorate a room is with signage. As you'll can see, we have signs to go with almost every type of breakfast item. You can print these breakfast themed appreciation signs to hang on the wall or put into a nice picture frame to prop up on display. Helpful hint: You can find picture frames at most dollar stores!

Here is another set of breakfast themed appreciation signs highlighting almost every type of breakfast food. It's the same aesthetic with a different background. Purchase all of the signs to throw a large appreciation breakfast or purchase individual signs and edit to make your own.


Here is another muffin themed appreciation sign with a slightly different saying and design. A muffin theme is a quick and easy way to say thank you! You can bake them at home or purchase muffins from a grocery store or bakery. Here we've used craft paper with a similar checker pattern to the sign in order to tie it all together and add a pop of color. Putting out flowers is another nice way to spruce up a space. We took crayons and tied them around the vase to add some extra flair. This can be done by place tape around the vase with the sticky side facing out; this way as you apply the crayons they will stay in place until you secure them.

Bagels, another delicious and easy breakfast themed way to say thank you! Place this sign out with a bunch of different types of bagels and cream cheese as a breakfast treat for your staff. 

It may be a good idea to put out something savory and something sweet for your staff, as everyone has different tastes. Cinnamon rolls are the perfect sweet treat that can work for breakfast or even a mid-day snack. Of course it is always nice if a microwave is close by so your staff can reheat them for enjoyment. 

If you have a staff break room or lounge, it is likely that you a coffee pot or individual serve coffee machine. A sign is an easy way to step this up a notch. If this is not accessible, brining in coffee is an extra nice surprise and mental boost for your staff! There are lots of coffee themed appreciation items you can find at TidyLadyPrintables. As seen in the photo, you can pair it with donuts for breakfast.

Here's an example of how you can set up a whole appreciation breakfast. Utilize the "Muffin to do but appreciate you," "You're dedication and hard work is so refreshing," and "Just rolling by to say thanks" signs as seen above. Go with this setup or use any of the above signs to make it your own. Choose your breakfast items and signs based on what you think your staff will like the most. The thanks banner was made with paper, marker, ribbon, and tiny paper clips (found at the dollar store). You can also find more themed banners at TidyLadyPrintables


If you aren't interested in doing a whole appreciation breakfast, you can always utilize thank you gift tags. Above are the supplies we used to put our simple "Awesome to the core" gifts together. 

As you can see, we've taken plastic baggies from the grocery store and used them as gift bags. You want to make sure to get the ones with the fold top! We then poked a hole through the gift tags and used twine to attach them to the baggies after inserting the apples. When they are set up like this, it is easy to deliver to your staff during the day or have them waiting at their desk when they arrive at work!

If you want to host an appreciation breakfast but know that your staff is super busy, you can always use the gift tags and package items to take on the go. Put them together on a nice plate, in a bowl or a basket and decorate the table. We used some small apples to go with the apple appreciation theme. 

A lot of donuts would be difficult to put in a bag because the frosting would get smudged and messy. An option with the donut appreciation tags is to put it on a small box. You can place the donut on the inside of the box, keeping it nice and secure. Again, deliver these to staff or have them waiting to be grabbed in the staff lounge. 

Bananas are an inexpensive and easy breakfast item. Above we've placed the bananas on top of a stack of books as it is for a teacher appreciation breakfast. Pick something that will work for your staff. Flowers are always a nice touch for anyone!

Similar to apples and bananas, these peach themed appreciation tags are a healthy and easy way to say thank you. We've wrapped ours in the same way we put together the apples. You could also put a peach in a small gift bag along with another peach themed item - peach chapstick, peach ring candies, etc. Get creative with it!

Take these ideas and cook up a delicious appreciation breakfast or show your thanks with breakfast themed signs and tags! 

For other Teacher appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables

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