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The Top 10 PTO/PTA Forms Every School Needs

The Top 10 PTO/PTA Forms Every School Needs

pto pta forms

From a PTA membership form to the monthly PTO newsletter – there are plenty of ways your school can get more organized and efficient in recruiting volunteers, retaining members and raising funds for your parent-teacher organizations. The proper range of forms for PTO and PTA groups is essential for a harmonious working environment – and a school where the whole community participates. Making these forms available to everyone is one of the most efficient ways to keep everyone on the same page and inviting everyone to work together for a better school future.


Why Your PTO/PTA Group Needs The Correct Literature...

School PTA and PTO groups are comprised of the parents, teachers, community members and guardians of the students in the school. They need to be kept in the loop about their child's education at all times – so forming a PTA or PTO group is an easy way to engage the parents on an educational level.  These groups also hold fundraising events, host teacher appreciation week and do many other things to contribute to an overall positive community school atmosphere.

These organizations historically provide a strong voice for the children and are the lifeblood of the school's extracurricular fundraising, holiday and school community events while simultaneously contributing to parent and teacher connections, creating a strong healthy school spirit.

The PTA or PTO needs to operate using a variety of membership form templates, PTO/PTA membership cards, and School Fundraiser Flyer forms if they mean to be successful. They also need to be able to arrange PTO meetings with plenty of notice, send out PTA newsletters, and perform other paperwork duties that keep everyone informed as there is a lot to manage! Without the correct literature, the organization becomes more challenging to operate. Besides many different reasons: the IRS has a strict set of rules for PTO forms and PTA forms, requiring compliance. You can read about this courtesy of PTO Today.

If your school doesn't have a Parent-Teacher Association of its own, then you can learn how to start one by visiting the National PTA site. If you already have one, but you want to get organized for success, then stay where you are and read on for our top ten forms that any PTO or PTA group should never live without.


The Top 10 PTO/PTA Forms Every School Needs!

Here are our top essential 10 PTO/PTA forms that every school needs!


1.  An Editable PTO/PTA Newsletter 

pto pta newsletter editable template form

The PTO and PTA Newsletter is one of the primary staples of keeping everyone in your organization connected. The PTO Newsletter would keep everyone up-to-date, even if they didn't attend any of the PTO meetings. Choosing an editable PTO or PTA Newsletter will allow you to keep the newsletter filled with interesting content that can be changed with the minimum of fuss. Being able to change your content is essential if you run a regular group. Standard details to include in your PTO Newsletter are:

  • Details of upcoming meeting and events
  • Details of dues, membership and fundraising plans
  • Any key takeaways from any PTA or PTO meetings you have had
  • An address or contact information from the PTA or PTO President
  • Useful contact details for parents in

An editable version with no download limits will allow you to re-enter the details as and when it is needed and send out as often as needed!. You can view our essential editable PTO PTA Newsletter template by following this link.


2.  An Editable PTO/PTA Monthly/Yearly Calendar Of Events

pto pta calendar school calendar template 

Although the PTO/PTA newsletter might inform your parents about events to come, they will likely forget them without a calendar view. Issuing each member of your organization with an editable weekly or monthly calendar allows everyone an equal chance of getting their dates right.   Not only are these great for handouts - this is should be an essential component of your PTO PTA website so your members, volunteers, parents and schools can reference dates. 

We provide a brightly colored, highly engaging, and editable seasonal calendar that can't be beaten. All you need to do is keep the template on hand and use it over and over again. You can download the template and then upload to your PTO PTA webpage and also print to handout out to members and parents! You can have a sneak peek at our editable PTA PTO calendars here.


3.  A “Why Join The PTO/PTA?” Recruitment Flier


pto pta member recruitment flyer template

No set of PTA forms or PTO forms is complete without a "why join the PTO/PTA" recruitment flyer. Most voluntary organizations suffer from a lack of volunteers, and this can present challenges in logistics, group activities, and school involvement. Utilizing a proper set of recruitment and marketing flyers can help capture your audience and remind them of the debt they owe to the school that is teaching their children!

If you are worried about what to put in your recruitment flyer, then don't panic. This article from PTO Today gives plenty of helpful tips on what to include. Don't forget that you can buy the PTA recruitment fliers directly from us here at TidyLady Printables as part of our huge PTO/PTA Meeting & Marketing Toolkit Package.


4.  A PTA/PTO Member Sign Up Form

 pto pta membership form

IF you want to run a regular PTA or PTO meeting, then you are going to need members. Putting up flyers is a brilliant start – but you are going to need to keep documentation for each member so that you can keep in touch. A PTA membership form is a great way to do this, and a PTA membership form template is an even better way.  

The template allows you to print blank forms for each prospective new member, keep detailed records of what you need – and edit it all again later if you have made any mistakes. A PTA membership form or PTO membership form template will make your life much easier long term. You can find an in-depth PTA membership form template within our pack of essential forms, and by following this link.


5.  A Leveled Sponsorship Form with a Returnable Fillable Donation Section

 pto pta sponsorship form template

Sponsorship forms are a vital part of any PTA or PTO group as the group cannot survive without funding. Without PTA fundraising, most groups would close down, and so sponsorship is a necessary tool to help keep your group going. Including levels of donations allows people to give what they can without the added social pressure that some parents experience.  In addition you will want a form that is easy to read, fill out and return causing minimal effort on the donating member's part.

 You can view the editable version of the perfect Sponsorship Form for your PTA or PTO group, here.


6.  A PTO/PTA Meeting Flyer

pto pta meeting flyer template 

OK – so you have the recruitment done, you found new members, and it is time to have a meeting. It might have gone out in the newsletter, and it might even be marked on the calendar – but people will still forget. Attendance at PTA meetings and PTO meetings does depend on how much advertising you do, so it is vital to have a PTO/PTA meeting flyer that gets the word out about your event!

Perhaps more importantly, an editable version of a PTA or PTO meeting flyer will allow you to keep the template and add new material whenever you need it, keeping it simple and effortless everytime you need to update to post about a new meeting. A beautiful and eye-catching editable PTO PTA meeting flyer is essential to your marketing efforts and can be found here.  And don't worry... if you're not serving coffee or treats (although highly advised to increase turnout!) you can delete those graphics on the meeting flyer template.


7.  An Informational Flier - “The PTA/PTO Does What?”

 pto pta informational flyer editable template

You may find that lack of promotion and marketing are hurting the membership rates of your PTO or PTA group. Although you might be advertising as much as you can – you might just have missed the point. It could be that parents have seen your marketing materials and don't know what the PTO or PTA at your school actually does or how important it really is. A PTO PTA informational flyer template solves this problem and encourages parents to sign up for the group all in one swift motion.

The best informational flyers provide clear and concise information regarding the activities your particular PTA or PTO group. They might even mention your PTO or PTA President on the off-chance that other parents know them, and it encourages them to join. You can find an informational flyer for your PTA or PTO group here or find it in our huge PTO PTA Meeting and Marketing Toolkit.


8.  A Fiscal Information Flier Explaining Where Your Dollars Go

 pto pta financials flyer template

A financial information flier for your PTA or PTO group is an essential way to reassure parents that PTA PTO fundraising is a normal process and educate them on how much it matters and what all those donation dollars actually do! School fiscal financial informative flyers are successful because it lets parents, teachers and other school members know where the money has gone and why fundraising is so essential.

Attract more members to your cause with a Fiscal Information Flyer you can count on, from the team here at TidyLady Printables.  Our fiscal funds editable template design features a very visual and eye-catching way for parents and sponsors to see directly where their dollars went - which means they are more likely to keep donating and financially supporting your PTO PTA group in the future!


9.  PTO/PTA Membership Cards

 Pto pta membership cards

PTO/PTA membership cards are a simple way of providing identification for every member of your group. A PTO/PTA membership card will mean you can give members access to school events, days out, fundraisers and prove that they are valued members of the PTO or PTA group. The PTA/PTO membership cards you use should be unique so that they cannot easily be copied.

These cards help secure the safety of the children and the legitimacy of your PTO or PTA organization. A card is also much easier to carry around than a full approved membership form.  Use our PTO/PTA membership card editable template to create your own!  Our design features a unique front side and also room for you to put important events on the back!  Simply edit, print, laminate and hand out to the members of your group.


10.  Some PTO/PTA Incentive Punch Cards

 pto pta volunteer punch card template

As we mentioned above – attendance is an issue with many voluntary organizations. Especially when members aren't being paid for their time, it can be tricky to convince them to give some of it up. Editable PTO PTA volunteer incentive hole punch cards are an excellent way to entice new members and reward old ones. Perks can be all sorts of things, from a free coffee to a gift card to some free tickets to the high school football game. All that limits the punch card incentive scheme is your imagination!

Get The Full Pack that includes all 10 of these Essential Forms!


If we have convinced you that all ten of these editable templates are necessary PTA forms or PTO forms then good!  We are on the right track! The next thing we need to do is inform you of the one source that provides all ten PTA and PTO forms in one easy click. TidyLady Printables has produced this packages with the needs and wants of your PTA or PTO group in mind.

Together with years of experience in marketing, graphic design and working one-on-one with various PTO and PTA groups, TidyLady Printables knows exactly what forms your group needs to market, recruit and stay organized to ensure a successful PTO or PTA group.

 Take advantage of this vast knowledge and get your Essential PTA/PTO Meeting and Marketing Toolkit from TidyLady Printables today... You might even still be in time to get organized before the next semester starts!

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