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14 Creative Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Your School's PTO or PTA

14 Creative Fall Fundraiser Ideas for Your School's PTO or PTA

school pto pta fall fundraiser ideas

The air is crisp, the leaves are starting to fall and school's back in session.  This time of year is perfect for hosting a cozy and fun fall fundraiser to raise funds in anticipation of events and activities for the school year ahead! 

Every year, school PTO/PTA groups need to make decisions on their major seasonal fundraisers. Fall is especially important since it's the kickoff to the school year!  Will they just repeat last year’s fundraiser idea, or look for new ideas that will potentially be more successful? 

If carried out the right way, these fundraisers have the potential to be memorable, fun and profitable all at the same time - while also helping develop a sense of community amongst parents. With just a little bit of creativity and an out-of-the-box approach, you can help your own PTO/PTA host a fundraiser that not only meets your goals, but also gives parents an event to truly enjoy! With TidyLady Printable Flyers, you can infuse just this kind of charm and creative flair into your fundraising events, and successfully encourage people to join in on your cause! 

There are so many school fundraising ideas for you to choose from! Some of these fundraisers are surprisingly effective. Others, not so much. The correct choice is often based on your particular school, its location, and the time you want to invest, along with many other factors such as how many volunteers you have, your budget and the overall purpose or goal of the event.  

In this article, we break down 14 AWESOME fall fundraiser ideas for your school PTO or PTA Group:

1.  Trunk Or Treat:

With a good group of committed volunteers, there’s no limit to what you can do with your Trunk or Treat event!  Enlist parent or teacher volunteers to decorate their vehicle trunks all spooky and line them up in the parking lots so kids can go trunk to trunk gathering candy and treats!  It's a safe, fun and effective way for the kids to enjoy halloween and for the school, church or other organization to raise money!

 Think even further outside the box and sell food and drinks in the parking lot to raise extra funds.  Bring in a food truck or have a "spooktacular BBQ" with parent volunteers flipping burgers and hotdogs for sale!

The key to any successful fundraiser event is marketing so you get a good turnout!  Do this by creating a buzz prior to the trunk or treat event by sending home customized trunk or treat invites and flyers.  Have kids bring them home to their parents, post them in the school hallways and on local church, community center, coffee shop, grocery store and gym bulletin boards.  Use a creative approach, and the possibilities are endless!

2.  Fall Festival and Fall Carnivals

       fall festival fundraiser flyer editable template


Autumn is the time for coming together. Be it around a dinner table, a fire, or a football field - this season has a way of making us all gather around and celebrate abundance. It's also a perfect time for your PTO or PTA to host a fall festival or carnival fundraiser! 

If you want to host a fall fundraiser that attracts large pools of supporters, organize a Fall Festival or Fall Carnival event to raise donations and awareness for your school, cause or organization. Sell tickets for admission, with the money going into the funds. Partner with local retailers who are willing to donate to a good cause and set up a raffle. 



Organize fall themed games that require tickets such as apple bobbing, pumpkin ring toss or a corn maze with ticket sale profits going to the school.  You could also set up pumpkin carving and face painting stations as well!  These signs are perfect for fall carnival stations and game areas.

Go one step further and hire a company to setup a corn maze or bring in food trucks or have food catered by a local company.  Don't forget to hire a band to play live music to encourage visitors to stay longer and have a great time!  There are so many great ways you can use this event to successfully raise money for your fundraiser!


3.  BOO Grams / Thanksgiving Fall Candy Grams

 thanksgiving candy gram flyer



Need a fall fundraiser idea that's a little more simplified this fall? BOO Grams or Thanksgiving "grateful for you" candy grams are absolutely perfect for that!  BOO Grams or fall candy grams are sent to students and teachers during the week of halloween or Thanksgiving!

About 2-3 weeks prior to Halloween or Thanksgiving, send this Boo Gram Form or Thanksgiving Candy Gram Flyer home with students and have set treats for a set price.  For example your school could bulk buy suckers as the candy treat and attach a sucker to the boo gram that sells for $1 each.  The student will fill out the form of who they want to send their Boo Grams to and return the completed form with money to your school office 1 week before Halloween or Thanksgiving. Your school PTO or PTA members could then hand them out to the student, staff and teacher recipients the week of either holiday!

This is a very easy, quick, fun and effective fundraiser to pull together last minute during the fall season and all proceeds go directly to the PTO or PTA Fundraiser!

4.  Halloween School Dance:

halloween school dance invitation flyer template  editable school halloween dance flyer template



What's more fun than getting together and having a monster mash? Host a Halloween-themed dance and have everyone dress up in costumes! Have a costume contest and hire a DJ. Turn the lights real low and decorate the event space all haunted - with orange and black balloons and streamers. Keep energy levels high with refreshments and snacks available for purchase so your school can raise as much money as possible and the students will have so much fun dancing the night away!

Sell tickets for admission to the dance and the proceeds will go to your school, church or PTO/PTA group.  Like any successful fundraiser make sure the halloween school dance flyers are sent out early to ensure a good turnout.

5.  Fall Product Pumpkin or Apple Sale 

editable fall fundraiser flyer template pumpkin sale  apple sale flyer template fall fundraiser idea



Nothing screams fall like pumpkins or apples! This is why a pumpkin or apple sale fundraiser is the perfect fall fundraising idea.  Not only is it simple to organize, hosting a pumpkin or apple sale is a very effective fundraising idea.

To organize a pumpkin sale to benefit your PTO or PTA, order pumpkins in bulk from your local farmer.  You can do the same with an apple fundraiser sale - sell crates or baskets of fresh apples from a local apple orchard.  Then, sell all those pumpkins and apples at a higher price to raise funds for your school or organization.

Make sure parents and community members know about your sale by sending home fall product apple and pumpkin sale flyers early with students as well as posting them around the community!


6.  Pumpkin Carving/Pumpkin Painting Event 

pumpkin carving fall fundraiser flyer editable template   fall fundraiser pumpkin painting flyer template


Pumpkin Carvings are a traditional fundraising activity. Who doesn't love carving faces into vegetables! You can organize Pumpkin Carving within a Pumpkin Sale, or as a separate event. Purchase pumpkins (or get them donated) and then charge participants per pumpkin to carve.

If your fall fundraiser event is hosting lots of little kids and knives or carving tools aren't an option, consider hosting a pumpkin painting event instead.  It works the same as the pumpkin carving party but instead of carving faces, you paint them instead!  

Feel free to also offer food and refreshments for sale at this event to create more profits for your organization. Whether you decide to host a pumpkin carving or pumpkin painting fundraising event, it makes for a great family friendly fall fundraiser idea for your PTO or PTA.


7.  Fall Bake Sale 

 fall bake sale flyer editable template   fall bake sale flyer editable template


Bake sales have long been one of the most popular ways of raising funds for schools, teams, churches PTO/PTA groups and organizations of all kinds. They can be great at raising funds because there is little capital required as volunteers and parents can supply all the baked goodies.  You could also have the items for sale donated by a local bakery.

Bake sales also make for good community social events because people always enjoy getting together over a common goal... and FOOD! When it comes to arranging a successful bake sale - keep in mind that presentation is everything! Set out organized and nicely decorated tables. Divide the baked goods according to serving size (individual cookies, whole cakes) and type (cookies, cakes).

To ensure ease during the fall bake sale, label all your items for sale with these editable bake sale tags so people know the pricing and what the bakery item is.  This is also great for labeling a product gluten free, allergy free, nut free etc. and for pricing items as well!  Be sure to also have a sign that also says what type of payments are accepted - cash, credit, debit, etc. to avoid common questions and focus on making sales!

Flyers and signage are a huge way to market and attract potential buyers to your fall bake sale.  Make sure to post them early in your school and community to get a large turnout.  Think even bigger and have a pre-order Thanksgiving pie order form at your bake sale to get even more sales for your school!!


8.  Fall Craft Show

fall fundraiser craft festival fair editable template 


Fall craft shows or craft fairs are a great way to host a money-making fall fundraiser event!  Gather vendors and set up an adorable fall market in your school or church's parking lot, cafeteria or gymnasium.  Serve hot apple cider, hot coffee and fall bakery treats as well as charge an admission fee at the door to increase revenue at your fall fundraiser.  Vendors can also be charged to set up a booth or table at the craft show. Make sure to decorate with pumpkins, leaves, cornstalks, and hay bails to set the mood for your fall fundraiser event!

9.  Turkey Trot


Turkey Trots have a long, rich history with fall fundraising. These are foot races, typically 5Ks, mostly held on Thanksgiving, and are also a popular nonprofit event for several reasons. They can help your organization or school PTO or PTA:

  • Mobilize your local community as volunteers and participants
  • Raise awareness for your cause
  • Generate revenue through registration and fundraising

  • Raise even more funds for your organization with entertainment, food and beer sales, and raffle prize drawings after the race is over!


    10.  Chili Cookoff Fundraiser: 

    chili cookoff fundraiser flyer template   chili cookoff flyer editable template


    Putting together a chili cook off fall fundraiser is pretty simple, and definitely has the potential to raise a lot of money for your school PTO or PTA group. Have volunteers or parents enter the contest and supply the different chilis to taste. You could even enlist local restaurants to donate the chilis and make it a larger community event with restaurants gaining the publicity.

    Add in some extra side events to make your chili competition draw an even bigger crowd such as a hottest chilli pepper eating contest, carnival games, raffle drawings, live music or a craft beer truck.

    Your aim is to try to make it the ultimate chili event for your school PTO or PTA to make the most money.  Do this by attracting as many people as possible and promoting the event early with chili cook off flyers and tickets that guests can purchase in advance!

    11.  Halloween Movie Night: 

    editable halloween movie night flyer invitation template  editable halloween movie night flyer invitation template  editable halloween movie night flyer invitation template



    As the days get colder and halloween approaches, many of us are eager to cozy up under our blankets and watch some spooky movies. For your PTO or PTA fall fundraiser capitalize on this sentiment and organize a halloween movie night! Charge a movie admission fee to raise funds.  You can host a movie night in the school gymnasium or rent out a local theater. Alternatively you could have an outdoor movie showing under the stars maybe in the soccer field, local park or school parking lot!

    To host the perfect halloween movie night, first, select a desirable location and rent a giant inflatable movie screen. Arrange film rental & projection equipment. In order to maximize on the funds - publicize your event through unique flyers and sell advance tickets. Raise more funds with candy, popcorn and soda sales. The main purpose is to create a fun event with broad appeal and encourage everyone to have a good time, while also raising funds for your school's PTO or PTA organization.  


    12.  Haunted House / Corn Maze

    halloween haunted house editable template   printable editable haunted house flyer template



    Turn your space into the scariest haunted house that will guarantee chills and maybe even a few nightmares. This is a great fall fundraising idea for schools located in easily-accessible areas. Participants will happily pay an admission fee if they’re guaranteed a good scare! 

    If you decide to go with the Corn Maze idea - try to partner up with a local farm that already has a corn maze. Alternatively, create your own maze or obstacle course in an open location like an empty parking lot or a field. Either way, your participants are going to have an a-maize-ing time!  Be sure to advertise your event with eye-catching spooky flyers early so you get a good turnout at your fall fundraiser event!


    13.  Treats for Troops

    treats for troops fall candy buy back fundraiser flyer editable template


    Host a treats for troops candy buy back fall fundraiser where kids can trade in candy for money!  The event gives troops some much needed treats as well as unloading too much candy and sweets from kids and families - a win win!  

    14. Halloween Costume Swap

    halloween costume swap fall fundraiser editable flyer template


    Hold a halloween costume swap fall fundraiser where kids can trade in old or gently used halloween costumes for new ones!  The event gives families some much needed fun and financial reprieve as well as creating a community atmosphere at your school or church.  Great for the environment too!  Charge a small admission fee and possibly sell treats for sale to boost your fall fundraising profits!

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    Use TidyLady flyers and printables to bring even more attention and success to your PTO or PTA fall fundraisers. Even if all these unique fundraising ideas don't raise a barrel of cash - they will certainly raise community spirit and get people talking about your cause, school or organization. Happy Fall Fundraising!

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