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Girl Scout Cookie Sale Tips And Tricks

Girl Scout Cookie Sale Tips And Tricks

How to be the top seller in your troop!

Girl Scout Cookie Program season is in full swing! In addition to its role as the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world, the sales of girl scout cookies stay local and help our young ladies have amazing experiences, build life skills, and grow as future leaders.

To have the biggest impact on your troop’s young ladies, we’ll need to think beyond simply tossing order forms in your office kitchen or break room. Fortunately, we’ve put together the essential tips and tricks you need to sell the most cookies possible and lead your troops in sales in 2020!


Start Strong

The Girl Scout motto is Be prepared,” so this tip shouldn’t come as a surprise. There are only so many days available to sell cookies, so being ready to go as early as possible will maximize selling time.

  • Have your cookie sale decorations and signs ready to go on day one so you can start selling right away.
  • Reach out to previous buyers to let them know you’re open for business and give them a way to order. Better still, canvas your neighborhood with cookie sale door hangers for a fun and non-obtrusive reminder.
  • Make it easy on your customers and help yourself stay organized with a cookie booth tally sheet.


Bling Your Cookie Booth

You need to stand out to attract customers. Fortunately, booth design options have come a long way since the days of plastic tables and grandmas old tablecloth. Now you can personalize you booth with a stylish Girl Scout cookie menu or add an eye-catching booth bunting to attract more customers.

Theme ideas to choose from are nearly endless, as are the signage possibilities. We’ve picked a few of our favorites below:

  • Superhero Cookie Sale Themes

  • Sports Cookie Sale Themes - A great theme for Superbowl Weekend!

  • Valentine’s Day Cookie Sale Themes


  • Funny Cookie Sale Themes


Pro tip: Use a cookie sales goal chart that illustrates progress toward your fundraising goal. When customers make a purchase, update your goal chart to reinforce their good deeds!


Girl Scout Cookie Donations

Many scouts are having success by actively offering a donation option for those who would like a way to contribute but dont want the cookies for themselves.

A popular option is having donations pledged to troops stationed overseas. Something as simple as having signage that gives folks a way to support our troops and local heroes is often all it takes!

  • Donate Cookies to Troops/Heroes


Pro tip: Don’t forget to have receipts handy for your customers!


Get More Cookie Sales

Even little things we do to make it easier on our customers can lead to a lot more sales. A couple of the things we’ve seen make a big difference include:

  • Show them the way! Placing a few arrow signs indicating that a cookie booth is nearby can help you attract people you may have otherwise missed.


  • Cookie options have changed over the years, and you can help customers by clearly displaying prices for each variety. Also, cash isn't king any longer - consider accepting other types of payment.


  • Get creative and take your show on the road! Grab a wagon or cart and head to populated locations such as jogging paths or public piers. You can even turn your vehicle into a “drive thru” cookie booth.


Cookie Sale Etiquette

Saying “please” and “thank you” are not just polite things to do - the people who buy this year are next years repeat customers. A little added touch, like a well-designed gift tag, will leave a lasting impression on your customers.


Last Call!

Whether because its what helped the procrastinators finally buy their supply of cookies, or just because scarcity is a great motivator, letting people know that Girl Scout cookie season is almost over can propel a surge of last-minute sales. Accomplishing this can be as simple as posting some targeted booth signage during your last selling weekend.


Pro tip: Another way to make last-minute or second-chance sales is to bring extra boxes of popular flavors with you when making deliveries. Let customers know you’ve got more for sale if they want to stock up!

To boost sales across your whole troop, click here to download a free Girl Scout Cookie Checklist.



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