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Sale! 15% off $25 TLPDEAL15 | 20% off $75 TLPDEAL20 | 25% Off $125 TLPDEAL25

Printable Counselor Planner, Undated Perpetual Calendar, - 62 Pages, Lesson Plan Meeting Notes School Psychologist

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This undated, perpetual printable counselor planner is an amazing way to get organized on a budget!

It's not only budget savvy, but also has a very sleek, stylish and streamlined design to keep organizing fun and beautiful!

** Be sure to zoom in on the photos to see the great detail!!

No need to buy expensive planners year after year just to toss them in the trash. Simply purchase printable editable undated perpetual files to use again and again, year after year! You can use these files a number of ways, do whichever works best for you.

+ Type right into the text boxes and save to your computer to use as a paperless planner.
+ Print out without typing to handwrite in your information
+ Type in dates and other info and then print to have a customized planner

** Make your planner work for you! Customize your cover page and if you want your weeks to begin with a Sunday or Monday start.

** You can type in the time slots on your weekly pages to work for your hours!

For only a few dollars you can have your pages professionally bound at an office supply store {such as office max, office depot or staples} along with a protective vinyl clear cover and backing. This will prevent water damage and keep your planner protected. You can also 3-hole punch your pages and put your new planner in a binder format.

The best part is once you purchase these files, they are yours to keep forever! You can experiment what works best for you year after year for mere pennies! That's organization on a budget!

All of these documents are perpetual so they will never expire! Print and use month after month and year after year for all planning in your lifetime!

Each page is 8.5 by 11 inches, is sent electronically as a PDF file and will arrive within minutes of your order so you can begin putting your planner together right away!



So what all comes with your new perpetual undated printable planner? All sorts of goodies!

You will receive 62 PDF Documents:

* 24 Pages of Monthly Spreads (2 pages per month) You can type in the dates, weekdays and month. There is room for notes, birthdays and events. Monthly spreads are color coded with the divider pages, tabs and notes/to-do pages.

* 12 Pages of Divider Pages. Each divider page has a month and a motivational quote to keep your binder organized easy to reference. Divider pages are color coded with monthly spreads, tabs and notes/to-do pages. The divider pages and the quotes come as is and are NOT EDITABLE.

* 1 Divider Tabs Page. Follow the simple instructions on the PDF printable to cut out and fold your divider tabs to use with the page section dividers. These will help you locate items in your planner much easier. The divider tabs page contains 12 tabs that are color coded for each month. The divider tabs come as is and are NOT EDITABLE.

* 12 Notes/To-Do Pages. Each notes/to-do page is color coded for it's coordinating month and contains a lined section for journaling, charting goals, writing big lists or reminders to yourself for the month. This pages also contains a big to-do check off list you can use for the month. If you need more writing or typing space for the month simply print out a few of these sheets for each month!

* 2 Pages of Weekly Spreads. Edit the days and dates of the week. Room for 3 sections of planning {morning, afternoon and evening} as well as a top 3 goals checklist at the bottom of each day.

* 1 Contacts Log. Store up to 21 contacts in this editable log along with their phone numbers, address and email address. Have more than 21 contacts? No problem, just print this page out as many times as you would like to have space for them all in your printable planner!

* 1 Passwords Log. Store up to 16 passwords along with their respective account numbers, website, security questions and answers. Have more than 16 password accounts to keep track of? No problem, just print this page out as many times as you would like to have space for them all in your printable planner!

* 1 Important Dates Page. Keep track of important dates for each month with this handy page. Also color coded to match each month's color for easy organizing and referencing! Great for tracking birthdays, meetings, school events and holidays.

* 1 Cover Page. Cover page is editable and has a very fun and whimsical faux chalkboard and rainbow banner design. The pattern itself cannot be edited but the text inside the blue boxes can be to personalize your planner cover and make it your own. Please reference photo listing #2 to see customization options.

* 1 Meeting Tracker Page - track all meetings & stay organized with this great page

* 1 Caseload Tracker Page - easily keep track of all current cases/clients and students you are working with.

* 1 Parent Conference Form - make meetings more organized with this parent conference form. Print 2 for each meeting - keep one for your records and give one to parents.

* 1 Consultation Tracker Form - Keep track of consultations with this form

* 1 Guardian Contact Log - Keep track of when you reach out to parents & guardians

* 1 Individual Assessment Page - make a plan of action for students and record any progress and/or follow up with this page.

* 1 Large Notes Page - an extra page to keep a running tab of notes, reminders, appointments, etc.


All files in this listing are editable EXCEPT for the following:

12 Monthly Divider Pages
12 Monthly Divider Tabs
* 1 Meeting Tracker Page
* 1 Caseload Tracker Page
* 1 Parent Conference Form
* 1 Consultation Tracker Form
* 1 Guardian Contact Log
* 1 Individual Assessment Page
* 1 Large Notes Page



An editable file means that it is fillable. You CANNOT change or alter the design of the PDF (this includes any pre-exisitng text, designs or paper size), only text within the light blue boxes can be edited. You CANNOT change the font, size or color of the editable text. What is shown in the listing photos is what it will be.

*Please look at photo listing #2 to reference how your tags will appear when typed.




1. Add the item to your cart.

2. Purchase the item.

3. As soon as payment is confirmed, you will be sent a link to download your new editable PDF File.

4. Open with Adobe Acrobat Reader - Free Download

*Editable PDF files must be opened with the Adobe Reader program, using your computers default programs such as "preview" or "Microsoft Edge" will not work and cause issues.

5. Download, save, print and enjoy!

Need Help With Downloading, Editing, Or Printing? Click Here


*PLEASE NOTE: Files are for PERSONAL USE ONLY. You may not forward, share, sell or distribute the files. Mass production, file sharing and commercial use of these PDF’s are strictly prohibited.

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Christy L.
I love the choices and the colors.

I love the choices and the colors.

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As described, thank you much!

As described, thank you much!