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Sale! 15% off $25 TLPDEAL15 | 20% off $75 TLPDEAL20 | 25% Off $125 TLPDEAL25

Adding or editing the background of a template

You can add a background to some templates and this can be either a solid color or an image.  However, you are not able to do this with all templates - please refer back to the individual description of the exact product you purchased if unsure.

If your Templett product has an editable background option, please see instructions below on how to edit/change:

To Edit a Background

Click the Backgrounds pane on the left side of the design area to open it. You'll see options for adding a background. You'll see the color palette where you can choose colors and you'll also background images that you can select.

Setting the background

Backgrounds are set on a per page basis. Select the page of your template that you'd like to set the background for first.

If you want a solid background color, click a color from the color palette in the Backgrounds pane.

If you want an image, click one of the images in the Backgrounds pane. You can scroll through the Backgrounds pane to see more options.

Note: If you don't see background images, that means this feature has been disabled. You can still add a background image that you upload. Follow the instructions for uploading your own images here.

Editing the background

Editing the background is the same as setting the background. Just click a new color or image in the Backgrounds pane to change the background.

Deleting the background

To delete the background on  your template, open the Backgrounds pane by clicking the Backgrounds menu item on the left side of the design area. Then click the red trash can icon in the Backgrounds pane. Be sure that the page is selected in the design area first.

* Please note that not all backgrounds can be edited and/or deleted.  Please refer back to the item's individual product description if unsure for a full explanation of what can be exactly edited with your specific Templett product.