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first day of school 2020 teacher gift tags

Teacher Gift Ideas For Back to School 2020

first day of school teacher gift tags

Back to school 2020 is shaping up to be much different than any other school year in history.  Not only are we stocking up our schools with crayons, rulers and pencils - we are now ensuring our schools are filled to the brim with face masks, gloves and hand sanitizer too.

To reflect this interesting time, we've come up with a collection of clever and positive first day of school teacher gift tags that work for any school and teacher - whether your child is going back virtually, hybrid or full time.
Showing love and appreciation to our beloved teachers is more important now than ever as we work to support them in these trying times.  Gift them something to make them smile and take even just a tiny bit of stress away this school year with these great pandemic-themed or virtual teacher appreciation gift tags!



  Many teachers are doing double the workload by trying to educate their students from afar!  Let them know how virtually excited you are to go back to school or how they seem to literally and virtually be able to do anything these days!  Teachers will appreciate the excitement and confidence booster as a positive way to kick off the new school year! 

virtual teacher gift tag

 virtual teacher gift tag


 Soap and Hand Sanitizer is going to be an essential part of any classroom or school in 2020!  This is a simple and creative way to gift teachers a safe and practical school supply with adding a bit of personality!  Tie one of these cute first day of school teacher gift tags of soap or hand sanitizer on your purchase for an easy and adorable gift that's perfect for the back to school 2020 season.

back to school soap tag 

 first day of school teacher gift tag

first day of school teacher gift tag

teacher soap gift tag


The new world we live in requires wearing face masks almost anywhere we go, including schools and classrooms.  Gift the teachers in your life a cute face mask with a fun first day of school teacher face mask gift tag to show them how excited you are for the back to school season to begin!  They will appreciate you valuing their safety and helping them to be prepared for the first day of school! 

face mask teacher gift tag teacher face mask gift tag


teacher face mask gift tag


Schools and teachers always need disinfecting wipes, cleaning sprays and other cleaners as standard protocol, but this year the need is even higher.  We all know teachers will be blowing through their cleaning supplies at an accelerated rate when being required to disinfect classrooms constantly.  These learning is messy, here's to a clean school year printable teacher first day of school gift tags are the perfect gift for any teacher in your life!

teacher gift tag



Your child not going back to physical school but still want to express how much the teacher is appreciated?  These gift tags below are a perfect way to express that sentiment as clever and creative first day of virtual school teacher gift tags.  These gift tags work great for virtual teacher appreciation week too!



Teachers and coffee typically go together like peanut butter and jelly!  Show the teachers in your life how much you they mean to you with these cute back to school teacher coffee gift tags.  A practical and enjoyable gift for any teacher in your life!

teacher coffee gift tag 

teacher coffee gift tag 


Whether there is a pandemic in the world or not, schools and classrooms always need to be stocked with school supplies to make sure the learning can happen!  These "here's to a bright school year" gift tags are perfect to put on any bright colored school supply - markers, crayons, highlighters, post it notes and more!  Or attach to a gift basket filled with classroom essentials!

bright new school year gift tag  

And don't forget cold and flu season (plus now pared with an additional virus) classrooms need to be stocked with tissues for all the kids to use!  These tissue gift tags are perfect for back to school teacher gifts!

tissue teacher gift tag 


Giving teachers classroom essential items and putting a personalized first day of school teacher gift tag on the item is a simple and effective way of showering them with the appreciation and love they all deserve - especially right now in these difficult times!


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