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Teacher Christmas Gift Tag Ideas They're Sure To Love

Teacher Christmas Gift Tag Ideas They're Sure To Love

The holidays are a fantastic time of year to really express your gratitude and thanks to the wonderful teachers in your life!  We've compiled a list of 17 awesome teacher appreciation Christmas gift tag ideas for you to use to make the holidays both simple and special for those who you depend on and are sincerely grateful for.  Many of these holiday tag ideas can also be used for other staff, employees and any other important and dedicated person who you appreciate throughout the year as well! 

1. Chocolate Appreciation Christmas Gift Tag

What better say thank you during the holidays than with a gift of delicious chocolate?  Either homemade candies or store bought are sure to be a hit with teachers and staff when expressing how you appreciate them a choc-o-lot!

2. Holiday Socks Gift Tag

Tell your teachers, employees or staff how much they knock your socks off!  This adorable punny little tag is sure to be loved by all.  Attach to a cute pair of holiday socks and you have a toe-tally amazing Christmas gift!

3. Christmas Hand Soap Gift Tags

Hands down you're the best around!  What teachers or staff wouldn't love to hear the holiday sentiment?  Make them feel special by pairing this gift tag with practical gift items they will use such as hand soap or hand sanitizer!

4. You're Scent-sational Christmas Gift Tag

Teachers and staff really are scent-sational and should be told that more often!  Make sure they know it this holiday season with these cute Christmas Appreciation gift tags.  Gift with good smelling soaps, lotions or candles for a great holiday gift!

5. Thanks SNOW much for all you do Christmas Gift Tag

Thanks SNOW much for all you do!  And teachers, staff and employees sure do a lot!  Whether you need a basic thank you tag or a "winter's out, Christmas break is here" version we've got many styles above that are sure to suit your holiday gift-giving needs.

6. Teacher Cookie Gift Tag

These adorable story-book inspired "if you give a teacher a cookie.." gift tags are both cute and clever!  Teachers will love the ode to the classic book as well as the yummy treats they will receive - coffee and cookies!  A great Christmas teacher gift idea!

7. Christmas Nuts Thank You Gift Tag

You would be absolutely NUTS if you didn't take time during the holiday season to thank teachers, staff, employees, etc. for all they do for you!  Pair these cute little nutcracker tags with a box, can or tin of mixed nuts and you have the perfect Christmas teacher gift idea they are sure to go NUTS over!

8. Nacho Average Christmas Gift Tag

Your teacher is absolutely not average and is in fact very special!! Let them know it with these nacho average Christmas teacher gift tags.  Pairs well with a gift of chips and spicy salsa or Mexican restaurant gift cards.

9. There's GNOME-one like you!

Let the employees, teachers and staff in your life know there really isn't GNOME-one quite like them!  They will love these cute little gnome tags and feel all sorts of special this holiday as well - a perfect Christmas appreciation gift tag idea!

10. Christmas Coffee Appreciation Gift Tags 

Give the recipient on your holiday list, be it a teacher, employee or staff member the wonderful gift of coffee!  Thank them a latte for all they do or simply gift them a cup of holiday cheer to thank them for all they've done this year!  Wonderful and festive Christmas gift tags, these can be attached to all sorts of coffee type gifts such as gift cards, coffee gift baskets, holiday mugs and more!

11. How Sweet it is to be Taught By You Christmas Teacher Gift Tags

How sweet it is to be taught by your wonderful teacher... so let them know it!  These Christmas Teacher gift tags are great to use for candies, cookies, bakery items, or any other sweet treat during the holiday season.  These cute holiday gift tags are sure to put a sweet smile on their face!

12.  So plaid to have a teacher like you Christmas gift tag

You are so PLAID to have a great teacher in your life so let them know it with these cute holiday word-play Christmas gift tags.  Very versatile these tags can be attached to anything plaid!  Great for blankets, fleece throws, or soft plaid mittens and scarves.  

13. You Are All That and a Bag of Chips Christmas Gift Tags

A simple and effect way to show your appreciation this Christmas season!  Perfect for teachers, staff and employees of all kinds!  Attach this "you are all that and a bag of chips" Christmas gift tag to some delicious snacks or chips for a great holiday gift idea.

14. Donut Christmas Appreciation Gift Tag

Show your sincere appreciation for the teachers, staff or employees in your life with this festive (and yummy) donut Christmas gift tag!  You probably do-nut know what you would do without them in your life so make sure you let them know exactly how much they mean to you this holiday season.

15. Extra grateful for you Christmas Gift Tag

A fun and cheerful holiday appreciation gift tag - we are EXTRA grateful for you this holiday season!  Attach this festive Christmas tag to a pack of gum for a clever and punny holiday gift.  Perfect for large batch gift-giving for staff, employees and teachers!

16.  Christmas Mint Gift Tag

These holiday mint tags really sum up why you appreciate your teachers, staff or employees so much... for their commit-MINT, invest-MINT and involve-MINT!  So be sure to gift them something this Christmas for their enjoy-MINT!

17. Thanks for Helping Me Grow Teacher Christmas Gift Tag

Teachers spend so much time and energy helping kids to grow.  Remind them how appreciative you are of that with these Teacher Christmas Gift Tags - "thanks for helping me to grow."  Wonderful to gift with beautiful Christmas flowers, holiday succulents, a festive wreath or beautiful poinsettia plant. 


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