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Carnival Circus Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Party Set

Carnival Circus Themed Teacher Appreciation Week Printable Party Set

Teacher and staff appreciation week is a perfect time to celebrate the hard work that your staff put into their jobs. Show them that they are the greatest teachers and staff in the world! This super fun printable party pack comes equipped with everything you need to host the greatest circus themed teacher appreciation week!   


Thank your teachers for being the greatest on earth with the following customizable items:

  • Circus theme teacher appreciation week printables 
  • Party favors - “This place would be a circus without you"
  • Itinerary for a circus themed appreciation week
  • Circus cupcake toppers and food labels
  • And MORE!

For a full description and to purchase the circus themed
teacher appreciation week party set, visit TidyLady Printables.


Post this circus themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events in the staff break room or other common area to let teachers and staff know what goodies are in store for them all week long! You can print it smaller to hand out as an invite or flyer to teachers in the school or to put up on display. You can also print large scale as a full size poster to hang on the wall.


There are multiple sizes available and you can even edit the verbiage to meet your needs or use the pre-made template. All text on this circus themed itinerary poster is editable so you can switch up the days with different ideas and celebratory options.

Have fun with the circus theme with matching decor. Plaid or striped red and white table cloths, ribbons, colorful displays, balloons, peanuts (both shelled and candy and animal crackers are all options. Get creative, there are so many fun circus themed items that can be found at a dollar store or party store near you. 


This circus themed teacher appreciation week printable party set comes with a "our teachers and staff are the greatest on earth sign." Download, click, and print. It's as easy as that. We've already come up with the circus themed thank you message so you don't have to. Put the sign out on it's own during staff appreciation week or utilize it as a part of a larger display during one of the weekly activities or luncheon. 




Everyone loves dessert! Utilize the circus themed cupcake toppers to make your table stand out in a simple and effortless way during teacher and staff appreciation week. Add in variety to your dessert display by using an assortment of different sized cupcakes, or cupcakes that are decorated just a little different. Below you can see that animal crackers were set to play into the circus theme. A very quick and cheap addition to the cupcake fun. 



The food tent labels match the theme but are editable so you can have fun with it. As you can see below, we used common food items like chili cheese dogs, fruit kabobs and chocolate chip cookies. You could use circus themed food items like soft pretzels, marshmallow dumbells (made with chocolate dipped marshmallows and pretzel sticks), corndogs, clown cupcakes and more! 



It wouldn't be a circus without popcorn! Let people 'pop in' during their day for some fresh popcorn with your appreciation week popcorn bar on a specific day of the week. This could also be incorporated as a part of your luncheon display with other treats. 


These "thanks for all you do" water bottle labels are the perfect addition to your circus themed teacher appreciation week party! Put these out in the break room on any given day or put it out as a part of a whole lunch display for your teachers and staff. 


Show your teachers how much you appreciate them during teacher appreciation week with VIP room service. Are some of your teachers too busy to partake in the other teacher appreciation week parties? Edit this pre-designed Room Service Door Hanger and collect their preferences in this fun way! Pick a day to deliver their circus concession treats and make their day bright!


Show your teachers and staff they are the greatest in the world! Personalize and print these circus themed teacher appreciation certificates to give to all members of your staff as a clever and thoughtful way to say thanks.  


You can also gift your teachers and staff with themed goodies! Use the favor tags to attach to a gift and/or gift bag. Or get creative with the circus theme and attach them to animal cracker boxes, as seen below, to hand out to each person. Show them that this place would be a circus without teachers and staff like them!


If you are looking for a quick and easy way to say thanks, look no further. As a part of our circus appreciation week set, you will have access to these "you truly are the best teachers and staff under the big top" gift card holders. Print out as many copies as you need and attach a gift card for your staff. Hand them out individually or place them in mailboxes for a nice surprise. 



We have everything you need to make your staff smile during teacher appreciation week! The circus themed printable set comes with decor but we've hand crafted invites for you as well. Send a teacher appreciation week luncheon invite to teachers and staff to invite them to your circus themed event, party or lunch. 



If you are going to a circus the first thing you do is buy your tickets. Make your teachers and staff feel special by giving them tickets to your circus luncheon. You can also edit the text on these tickets and change luncheon to carnival. Keep reading to find out more about how to plan a carnival with our pre-made circus appreciation week templates!


Looking to make your circus themed appreciation week party a ton of fun? Add in some carnival games and activities. Your teachers and staff can interact with each other, building good camaraderie. These games could also be set up with small prizes to up the ante! Below is the carnival games sign overlaid on a balloon wall. This is an example of a fun carnival game you could set up outside. Create a balloon wall and have people try to hit the balloons with darts. Prizes can be given for hitting one balloon or multiple balloons. You could even put confetti or a winning sheet of paper in a few balloons as a surprise win for hitting those special balloons. 


If you've been to the circus, you've probably stopped at the concessions stand. This is the perfect addition to an outdoor carnival during teacher and staff appreciation week. Have someone man the booth so they can accept the smiles, high fives and hand shakes that your teachers are paying with. If an outdoor carnival isn't feasible, you can always host one indoors are have it as a lunch time activity on a day during your appreciation week. 


A great way to communicate the happenings of your teacher appreciation week! Send this circus themed teacher appreciation week schedule of events newsletter flyer home with students so they and their families know how to participate. They can help show teachers that they are the world's greatest!


Show your staff that this place would be a circus without them with this circus themed appreciation week printable party set. Find the super fun full circus set here

For other Teacher appreciation ideas, visit Tidy Lady Printables


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